Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Day at the Beach

There is always something going on at the Jersey Shore.
You don't ever have to drive far to find a fun festival, beautiful park,
a gorgeous beach or a great restaurant.
New Jersey has something for everyone.
Sunday is Fun-Day around our house,
and we never have trouble filling the day with lots of fun.
Last Sunday started at the The Scone Pony Bake Shop
We loaded up with sweet treats and a hot loaf of the best
Italian Bread I have ever eaten.
Half the loaf was gone before we even hit the beach.

 There were lots of tiny rocks and shells but not much sea glass.

Lots and lots of,
  interesting barnacles...

 and plenty of sea weed.

Autumn is our favorite time of year to visit the beach,

it's so quiet, calm and beautiful...and best of all, no peeps!

 The hubs noticed and photographed these pretty patterns
in the sand.

 Fall on the beach...

foam on the rocks and pretty treasures from the sea!!
We rode the bikes on the boardwalk,
we drove through Asbury Park and Belmar,
making plenty of stops to photograph Geese, Egrets and Deer.
We had an awesome dinner at one of my favorite restaurants,
We were going to ride the bikes there,
they have an ocean side, dedicated bike bath but we were so
tired and our bellies were so full,
we rolled ourselves home.
ohhhh and here's my take from the day...
lots of pretty shells, rocks and a few pieces of sea glass!
October 26, 2014


  1. Hello Debbie, sounds like an awesome day at the beach.. Yummy food and a great collection of shells and seaglass.. what more could one ask for? Have a great day and new week ahead!

  2. Beautiful. Yep, Autumn on the beach...a perfect setting anytime.

    Love your shells and sea glass finds.

  3. The Scone Pony! Fun! Reminds me of my Saturday nights at the original Stone Pony. Then eats at The Inkwell. Their burgers were FAB.

    Wonderful pix, dear. But my fave is the last one. That dish is the perfect showcase for NJ beach treasures. And treasures they are.

    Happy Fun-day! xo, m & jb

  4. You found some beautiful treasures from the ocean. And, such a pretty display, too. I loved the pic of the barnacles. I really enjoyed this post.

  5. A walk on the beach is always so nice. Great group of pix!

  6. That's what we called "life".

    I thought you heard the sea shells sing too.

  7. These are lovely shots - there is always something so comforting about the colors of sea and sand...very soothing. Tell Chuck that I love the patterns in the sand...always fascinates me what the water does - never exactly the same thing twice! Happy Sunday!

  8. quiet, peaceful, natural - that's what i'd like. :)

  9. What a beautiful beach. I love those pebbles. I like playing with patterns on the sandm they always fascinate me the same way cloud patterns do.

  10. Oh enjoy an empty from tourists. Bliss.

  11. What a wonderful day you had!!! I soooo wish I could have gone, too!
    And the first egret image in the next post is my favourite, too!!!

  12. The beach was beautiful, Debbie. It was a great day.
    Good Sunday.

  13. I always look forward to seeing your talented photos! And, your good eye for the fabulous treasures you find.

    Hugs, Rose

  14. Hello Debbie!!
    Wonderful pictures of your walk at the beach!Love them!!Like your collection with the shells and the glass finds!Have a happy week!!

  15. The beach in autumn has a charm all its own! Love seeing it in all its glory. You did well on your beachcombing!!

  16. I love your collection of the day. Looks so pretty on that plate!

  17. Beautiful photos! I really like the fifth one! The stones have a great variety of colors!

  18. Debbie that sounds like my idea of a perfect day! The Beach and yummy food. And good company. ...everything I d ever want . Have never seen such beautiful beach stones. Wonderful!

  19. I love the beach best when no one else is there. How lucky you are to live so close where you can enjoy it like that! I'm coming to visit....

  20. Some beautiful shots of fall on the beach.

  21. I too love going to the beach this time of year the best. I love all of your very interesting photos. What a lovely trip with lots of yummy food.

  22. Absolutely wonderful textures, colors and patterns! Love your photos, and your "finds"

  23. Great pickin's. I always love your posts about the Jersey Shore, what an interesting area!!!

  24. You put us right there with these great photos. You found some lovely shells too!

    I visited the beach once in October, and I loved that there were so fewer people around.

  25. These photographs are wonderful, Debbie.
    How fortunate you are to live so close to the ocean!

  26. Wow, another awesome group of photos of your latest adventure. I am amazed at how colorful all the rocks. how fun to be a the beach when there are not a lot of people around. You two certainly have a lot of fun and I love that you photo journal it all.
    These pictures will be great for quotes; thanks.
    Blessings for you both!

  27. Ahh I just scrolled down and see you have posted some great shots of sea treasures. Very nice finds.