Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Felting Soap...

I had no idea really, never heard of it.
I assume all of you are saying the same thing,
what the heck is that??
As a "bonus" and unbeknownst to me,
part of my knitting class included some soap felting with Liz.
oohhhhh it was fun!!
And wonderful Liz, sent me home with some supplies,
and extra alpaca fiber.
In my favorite color, of course.
So the other day, I decided to felt some soap on my own.
The soap is homemade, it just wasn't made in my home,
and I do believe that is irrelevant.

 Ingredients - work station...
Homemade soap, dyed alpaca fiber, a small piece of nylon stocking
and hot water.

 Wrap the fiber around the soap,

 being sure to cover the entire bar.

Put that wrapped soap in to a nylon stocking,
dunk it in to hot water (I just used one of my large mixing bowls).
Roll your soap between your hands to build a lather.
Agitate the fibers, re-wetting when necessary.
 Continue working/rubbing the soap...
after about 10 minutes, it looks like this...

after about 20 minutes it looks like this.
Dry soap overnight.
The idea behind felting soap, is that your soap lasts longer,
the fiber acts like a luffa
and lets face it folks, it looks and smells, really good!!
It does take a while for the fiber to turn in to felt!!

Here's A Video on felting soap, in case anyone is interested!!


  1. Oh it is so pretty. I do love felting. You are getting very creative my friend. Hug B

  2. Felting is new to me, looks easy too. I wish I could smell the scent. I like the purple color too. Thanks for sharing, Debbie.. Have a happy Tuesday!

  3. How cool is this?

    I like purple too. And your fibers make a very attractive piece of art...not to mention the work involved.

    I've not heard of felting soap, but I have crocheted soap pockets to add all the soap scraps from bars that get too thin. It makes me think it works about the same.

    Happy Thanksgiving Debbie

  4. Well, I have heard of felting but NEVER of felted soap. This looks like a great idea!

  5. Oh for Heaven's sake! My wife has made some neat felted hats, but never heard of felted soap!

  6. This is a superb idea. I was just thinking of what present to give some friends fir Christmas. I've kinda outgrown buying ready made presents. I want it more like with personal touch this time. Glad I checked your blog today. :)

  7. i've seen folks in blogland do it. since i'm allergic to wool, i'll pass. :)

  8. I am so glad we met Debbie! I get to see so much more than what is just here in my little world! I have never been around alpacas, so getting to see these creations come to life is a fun experience! This soap is a great idea! It brings back memories of my gramma, she never threw anything away (she didn't buy much either). There was always a use for everything! xxDazee

  9. That is awesome, Debbie. And, I don't give a fig whose home the soap was made in. :)

    You continue to amaze me.


  10. haha! Another hobby for Debbie? I bet they work well!

  11. Wow, that is an interesting tutorial. I remember my mother making homemade soap. I have never tried. it.
    Love the colors of the felt soap.

  12. That's an interesting and neat idea! Never heard of it before!

  13. I've never heard of this either! Very cool idea.

  14. Interesting, I never heard of this.

    You find many new and different things to explore and share with all of us.


  15. I have wondered what it was, too. Now you have solved that mystery for me! It looks beautiful.