Monday, November 24, 2014

A Wonderful Weekend...

We had lots of fun on Sunday at
They were hosting "Our Day of Thanks"...
we have been to this Thanksgiving event before and it's lots of fun!!
 The Bakery

 The kids were cooking up a traditional Thanksgiving dinner,

 it smelled really yummy!

 After the park closes, the employees/volunteers gather together and enjoy
a Thanksgiving Feast.

  The Blacksmith Shop

 Wheelwright Shop

 One of the two barns...

 that house and protect this stage coach.
This woman was singing old hymns, she had a beautiful voice.

 And you know these two silly kids,
always posing for a selfie!
It was such a beautiful day, blue skies, sunshine, 62 degrees, gorgeous!!
The to-do-list was completed after the fun was had. 
There was plenty more time for having fun, popping popcorn
and watching a movie.
Don't ask me what we watched, as I have previously confessed,
I don't watch movies any more,
I knit to them!
If the movie is good, I have trouble knitting because I want to watch.
Both movies, this weekend, were awesome to knit by!!
I hope everyone had a super fun weekend.
After today's 70's, it's suppose to get cold here at the shore,
with snow on Wednesday.
This weather week might just provide us a little
bit of everything!!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I have never seen a coach as pretty as that one! I was wondering about your weather, so happy that it was pretty and you could share these photos with us! Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. That's a great way to make Thanksgiving all the more special, Debbie!

  3. Cool place

    I think I could live in that smithie shop

  4. You kids have the most fun and always take the best selfies ! I know this time of year I end up crocheting to the movies ~ getting the Christmas present scarfs done for everyone . Loved the tour.

  5. that's cool that the employees get to enjoy a thanksgiving meal together after the place closes. sweet.

    we hit 78F here yesterday. today and rest of week 40s-60s. but i'll take it!

  6. I love the light in the blacksmith shop!! Wonderful series of images!
    You asked what I do when I edit my photos - I always crop them, and sometimes blur out something, although I am not too good at it. Sometimes fiddle with the contrast... The images I keep are never straight out of the camera!!

  7. Yes, you are a cute couple- out enjoying our wonderful world, good for you! Thank you for sharing these photos, its just the kind of place I'd tour. I like how they hide the real refrigerator too, which is necessary for their real live cooking another real bonus in these places. Very neat photo as well where she stood singing by herself too. When they dress in character and stay that way- it's so enjoyable.

  8. Looks like a great place to visit!!...

  9. What a wonderful place to visit. I loved the era so the pictures were awesome. Of course, you and your hubby look like you are loving the moments.
    Blessings for you both and Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. The girl singing hymns by the tree was such an emotional picture for me; I don't know why. It just touched me. And of course I always enjoy you and the hubster posing for your selfies. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  11. Enjoyed the photos! Looks like a neat place to visit! Very nice selfie as well. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Wonderful post, and I love that stagecoach. Do they give rides in it?

  13. Debbie, the historic village looks like a fun place to visit.. I enjoyed the photos and the one of you and your hubby..We took a lot of walks this past weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family..

  14. Sounds like a wonderful day and to get to join in on the feast. Loved the pictures. I hope you will share pictures of what you're knitting.

  15. Another neat place you're taking us to today. You are such a cute couple :-) Love those selfies!

  16. I have never been to this place, but I definitely have to go now.

  17. That reminds me a lot of the Shaker Village we have here! I love that blacksmith shop!

  18. A wonderful place to learn history and a beautiful way to celebrate the Thanksgiving Season.

  19. What a neat place! That photo in the blacksmith shop with the shaft of sunlight--stunning!

  20. What a beautiful place!

  21. That place reminds me of a nearby historic town..Old Washington..pretty neat to tour. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

  22. These are wonderful places you're showing. The blaksmith shop, the lady singing, the kitchen...all's great. And oh, your "relfie" (relationship selfie) is lovely :)

  23. What a great picture of the "two silly kids!"