Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Family Fun!!

This past Saturday, Chucks family all got together
for a super fun afternoon of food, drinks and great conversations.
 Chucks dad and his wife Betty-Anne live in Florida,
so we don't get to see them as often as we would like to.
 Here's the whole gang...
lots of us are here but too many are missing.
Neither of my boys were able to attend and they miss their grandpa.

 This is Chucks sister Debbie.
When Chuck and I got married, she became my second sister.
I adore her and always call her my sister-in-love!!
She is holding my newest great niece, Lorelei.
Off in the distance is my nephews wife Christine...
a most beautiful girl, inside and out!!

 Chucks sister Dawn on the right, her son Kyle next to her...
behind her, my niece Sarah and her boyfriend Dave.

 Here's the best picture of Addie from the day...
even using the "sports" mode on the camera,
all images of her were blurred!!
She is one busy girl!!

Here is Anthony, my only great nephew.
Busy could never describe this little guy, he never stops moving,
and is absolutely adorable!!
I wanted to close by saying that my niece Dean-na and her husband Anthony
hosted this wonderful get together.
Their home was destroyed by Super Storm Sandy.
It took 17 months for them to recover, rebuild and move into this
gorgeous pre-fabricated home.
All while Addy was a new born and Dean-na was pregnant again
with Lorelei
They are my hero's, for all they have been through and accomplished,
love you both!!


  1. Oh this makes me smile what an incredible day you had what an incredible family you have. I am so happy you had a day like that it is the most important thing in the world to be with family. I wish your boys would have been there but NEXT time for sure. Awesome shots it is great that you captured those moments. I am so happy they are finally in a new home they are very brave and strong. HUGS B

  2. Hello Debbie, what a fun time for you and your family. little Addie is adorable ! I am so glad your niece has finally been able to settle in a house after the storm Sandy! It took a long time. Wonderful photos!

  3. Happy smiles everywhere! I love to hear a happy story after Sandy... I only saw photos but can't imagine a storm of that magnitude. God bless them!

  4. What a happy get together! Love the photos of the little ones. So glad that they came through the storm and that they once again have a new house to live in.

  5. I love family times like this one! So many happy faces. Yes, and I too am glad that your niece and her family are in their new home. I'm sorry they went through such a horrendous time.

    Love the photo's.

  6. Oh, Debbie, the blessing of family is a wonderful thing. What a beautiful bunch of people you have there in the pix.
    Growing up, it was only my brother, mom, and me. But he had two kids and they had five between them. Then Ray and I have one (plus Josephine) and they have three. Friend Rose said she wished she had a big family like I do. That stopped me dead in my tracks, because I was still thinking of us as a small family of just my brother and me.
    It's a gORgEoUS day here. Hope it's that way by you, too. ( And there is a bit of a chance that we might be moving back to NJ! We'll see.)

  7. Looks as if everyone had a wonderful time! Cute little guys!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a great looking group, wonderful to get together!

  9. What a wonderful time to celebrate being with your family. They all look like a wonderful and fun bunch of people. So happy you were able to join the fun.

  10. it must have meant the world for them to be able to host the family get-together! bless 'em! little redhead is sure cute. addie is always adorable. chuck's dad and stepmom look really happy to see everyone!

  11. Looks like one big happy family!

  12. Oh that is terrible about having their house destroyed, but I'm so glad they are all settled in now. What a fun group!!!

  13. Hello Debbie!!What a lovely family!!You all are so happy all together,again!Little Lorelei is a very cute baby!!I'm so sorry for your niece house!I'm happy they came through the storm and that they once again have a new house to live in!Thank you for sharing!

  14. Your family is lovely! Wonderful photos of everyone!

  15. Beautiful family. Everyone looks happy and healthy. I'm glad to hear that they were able to rebuild so quickly after SS.

  16. What a special day, Debbie, and what a beautiful family you have!

  17. A wonderful family gathering to celebrate a wonderful family and overcoming the challenges. Perfect.
    But oh my...Addie is sure growing up!

  18. Hi Debbie. Looks like a wonderful time for you and your family. Such lovely photos of the get-together!

  19. How nice! You guys have a great looking family!

  20. Glad you had such a fun day! Nice looking family...beautiful kids!

  21. i love the cutie in her bibs. so cute!! what fun times. ( :

  22. I know whereof you speak! They are fast and I am slow!!!!

  23. What a wonderful-looking family! And how special of the couple whose house was lost and they had to go through so much to recover, especially while Dean-na was expecting! I know you are relieved for them and happy things have turned out well. Great photos of all.

  24. I love this story! How wonderful to get together with loved ones. Sweet photos of the kids too. I like the name Lorelei.

  25. You have a beautiful family. xxoo