Monday, June 9, 2014

A Cape May Kinda' Day!!

Friday was a gorgeous day here at the Jersey Shore...
it was a Cape May kinda' day!!
If you ever visit New Jersey,
 make sure you include a stop in Cape May.
It's such a cute little seaside community with lots of amazing
history, shopping, eateries, trolley tours and horse drawn carriage rides.
We had such an amazing day...
sun filled skies and cool breezes coming in off the ocean,
the weather was perfect!!
Here's a picture tour of how we spent the day.
First stop...

 for dining alfresco...
afternoon tea and tea sandwiches.
Top tier...scones, bread and muffins with clotted cream.
The second tier has tea sandwiches, egg salad, chicken salad,
and turkey with asparagus and dill mayo.
Third explanation is needed, everything was extremely tasty.



 and the view!!

 A photo op...

 with this very cool antique fire truck.

See...we are here!!
 The hubs liked this picture better, because he looks "thinner"
so I included it.
Aren't I a wonderful wife??

relaxing at Congress Hall,
and dinner at the Mad Batter.

 This was mine.
There is a filet mignon under those onions and mashed potatoes along side.
I think I may have died and gone to food heaven.
The hubs had pasta and did not particapate in the food photography.
He did say it was delicious!!
There was a sunset bike ride after dinner,
followed by a sleepy ride home.


  1. Glorious day! Love pituresque small towns with cuteness everywhere! And by the sea....all the better! You are a wonderful wife, though I'm not sure telling people WHY Chuck wanted the photo included gives you true points in that category ;-)

  2. Oh yes you are a wonderful wife:) for more reasons than that.Oh you two always have so much fun. Hug B

  3. laughed at the slimmer photo inclusion. :) a great day for you two.

  4. What a lovely time you had. Wish I'd been along. darn.

  5. You two have the best adventures - thanks for the take-along. :)

  6. What a wonderful day. Th photos are all great. Another place I would love to visit!

  7. we love Cape May ... such an awesome area. we loved our trip there ... probably 10 or so years ago. have a great great week, Debbie. ( :

  8. I think it's wonderful how you two are always going on such fun adventures! It sounds like a great day, and all that delicious food - WOW!!

  9. This is absolutely delightful, on all accounts! Made my smile.

  10. You keep finding more interesting places to visit and enjoy your it.

  11. Ah, more pictures of home :) Haven't done it in quite a while but we used to take the Cape May Ferry from Lewes, walk around town, then come back.
    He does look thinner in #2. Remember the old Playtex bra commercials? "You're suddenly shapelier!" Was he wearing a Playtex tee shirt? LOL!

  12. This looks like a beautiful place! And the food photos made me soooooo hungry. :-) Love the photos of you two.

    A friend of mine just mentioned Cape May--he and his wife might go up the coast from Virginia in their boat and spend some time there.

  13. But what was the beach like? Sometimes, I want to be at a beach, any beach, so much that it hurts...
    I love all your craft finds, and the birds running around loose in the store are so cute!!! I would love to visit there!!

  14. I love Cape May! Three of my friends have homes there, and visiting is a pleasure! Glad you enjoyed your day!

  15. Wow - such a beautiful place, and the food looks SO good.

    Great pics of you two, and I had to laugh at the "thinner" photo. Yes, you are a very good wife. :)

  16. What a lovely place dear Debbie!!You sure had a glorious day!!And the food looks so delisious!!I wish i was there!!Thank you for sharing!!Have a happy week!!

  17. I'm going to have to make sure I've eaten before I open any of your posts in the future. lol

    Y'all both look so cute posing for photos, always with big smiles and lots of love between you.

  18. I think you had an magnificent day. I would love to visit Cape May; maybe someday. It looks like my kind of town.
    Blessings and hugs!

  19. You two look very happy! What a wonderful day! First, the area looks like fun...then that tea set-up is yummy! Then the great meal. A perfect day!

  20. Oh how cute. I like small little towns.

  21. Love, love, love, Cape May!
    I would love some of those desserts too! :-)

  22. Oh my.....yum! I have missed catching up with you. I am hoping to get back to my routine now that things are slowing down a bit!

  23. Debbie, I just love Cape May. It is one of my favorite places to visit.. The food looks delicious! And I enjoyed your photos.. You two are such a cute couple! Have a happy week!

  24. How fun! The food looks delicious! That would be my main reason for going. :-)

  25. Fun place and what yummy looking food.

  26. I never really spent much time in Cape May because we were always in a hurry to catch the ferry! In 2012 we went to nearby Leamings Run Garden and it's worth a visit. (

  27. What a beautiful, fun day! Cape May looks like a wonderful place - and don't we all like photos that make us look thinner? You two are just so adorable! I'm happy you had such a great day!

  28. What a beautiful day! I haven't been to Cape May in years, would love to go back one day soon!