Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Bird Book...

I developed a love for bird watching at a very young age.
I would sit for hours and hours at Aunt Dot's dining room window
watching the birds come and go from her feeders.
Dining on her homemade suet and special seed mixes,
Pop always kept everything filled.

This is a story about a book, a very special book.
Have you ever held something in your hands,
something so special, it makes you smile from the inside out?
 Something so meaningful that just the sight of it evokes a wonderful memory?

 This was her bird book...

 The book she shared with my sister and I.
We would mark the page with a small "x",
once a bird had been spotted and identified.

Copyrighted in 1949
 it is one of the few things I have from this very special woman.

 Another peak inside, the book is just beautiful.
Only 4 x 6 inches, it has a hard cover...it is old, faded and worn.
But for me, it could not be more special, it could not hold more love.
I spent much of my childhood with my Aunt Dot and Pop,
I really loved them.
I didn't know that my sister had this book.
When she told me she did, I asked if I could have it.
I think that was a little selfish of me, but I really wanted it.
My sister Kathy reads my blog everyday, it's how she starts her day!!
So, I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart,
for sharing this book with me.
I will treasure it always.
And if I "go" first, you can have it back!!


  1. That is so sweet Debbie. I love your bird book. I love the story that goes with it. I love that it has x's in it where you saw birds. What a very nice post and what a very nice sister you have.

  2. I love this post. And I love the interaction with your sister. Reminds me of how my sis and I act. The book is wonderful and I know that you will always treasure it.

  3. Those old books are great treasures Debbie. I have several of my father, which I keep with love.

  4. What a treasure! My Uncle had that book and I would pour over it for hours.

  5. that is precious! what a sweet piece of your family history. :)

  6. And you, in turn, teach us about your avian friends! Thanks!

  7. what an endearing story about your favorite book. sometimes things just touch our hearts beyond measure. have a great day~

  8. That's such a sweet story! What a nice sister! For me it was the National Parks book given to me by my grampa. :)

  9. What a beautiful little book - going back to my schooldays I won a prize and I was asked by my teacher what I would like and I asked for a nature book and I was given a little book called the Observers book of birds - I think it s still in print - but my one is well used with a few loose pages but still treasured - thanks for sharing - Jane UK

  10. What a wonderful story and wonderful sister! That's a great old book with lovely memories. One of my treasures is a Peterson's bird guide that Greg and I bought the first year we were married. We've been marking our bird finds in there for years. I was looking at it the other day and thought I should get a new one because I don't think the maps are accurate anymore. But I will never give the old one up.

  11. What a great post Debbie!I love birds and i know how you feel for them!I know how much this book, is special for you!Wish you a happy week!

  12. wow, looks like a well used book. my mom has so many bird books, she loves learning. she was a librarian in a middle school for many years. she even allowed me to take 2 of them. occasionally she will call & say can i borrow them for a while. they all have such a different selection or are of the world. so you can never have too many, right??! ha. ha! ( :

  13. Oh my goodness, I have this book, Debbie.
    It was my mother's.
    I have the butterfly one too.

    Thank you for the wonderful memory. :-)

  14. Debbie, sweet story about the bird book and your dear Aunt.. Thanks for sharing, have a great evening!

  15. That's awesome! I used to have one of those and it might still be in the family. Golden Nature Guides were "it" back in the day!

  16. What a wonderful book to have. And very generous of your sister to let you have it. How special that an X was placed on the pages for the birds you spotted. Definitely a family treasure!

  17. I'm sure your sister was only too pleased to let you have the book, especially once you told her what it means to you.
    What a very special treasure it is.
    Also, what very special treasures your Aunt Dot and Pop are :D)

  18. How fun that the book is still around and so full of good memories as well as information.

  19. What a special memory and book that you've shared.

  20. What a precious treasure you have! I have some old books that I hold dear, too. It doesn't matter what shape they are in--it's the memories they hold for me.

  21. Books are treasures and also hold memories as you have shown in this post, Debbie.

  22. Wondeful cover and illustrations!


  23. Lovely. And the prints too are so special. You don't get books nowadays with that font and size.

  24. I can remember that book from my childhood. I wonder where it went...

  25. A sweet post...so glad you have the book!

  26. Oh wow that is an awesome book and so special because of the memories it holds for you. I'm so happy your sister gave it to you.