Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Critters ~ 19 ~

She keeps coming...this beautiful Baltimore Oriole.
I have never seen one in my yard before this little girl appeared in
January of this year.

 If you follow my blog,

 you know she prefers jelly for filling her belly.

 She is always on alert...

 and we provide her with jelly at least three times per day.

I started to worry about her...

has she become too dependent on us?

Are we doing the right thing by providing food for her daily?

Food that she zestfully enjoys!

What do you guys think??

I was very happy to see her defending her food from
this aggressive cowbird.
She looks like she's learning the ropes pretty well, wouldn't you agree!

I am super excited to be joining in with Eileen over at
for Saturday Critters.
Stop by and consider joining in, any critter will do!!


  1. she's scrappy - that's good. i hope others will come to your area so maybe she can join them.

  2. I don't think I've ever seen an oriole - what beautiful coloring. I love the way she told off that cow bird - hehe! I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know your taking care of her comes from the kindness of your heart. I'll be interested to hear the answers from bloggers more knowledgable about birds.

  3. She doesn't look like she is lacking energy ~ lol.

  4. She is so pretty and I am glad that she is defending her jelly,
    I do hope she stays.

  5. She seems to be holding her own pretty well!

  6. Don't you love having new friends visit? How did you ever figure out she liked jelly? I hope you are having a grand weekend. Bonnie

  7. Beautiful colouring on this gorgeous little bird. Love the open mouth telling off the cowbird. And the oreole still manages to look cute.

  8. Debbie, she is so pretty. You are lucky she picked your yard. She must know you would be taking such good care of her.. I am glad to see she is defending her food from that bully Cowbird. Great shots, thank you for linking up to my critter party. Enjoy your Sunday!

  9. "She keeps coming"..

    That sounds like a complaint?

    Should I have it then in my garden?

  10. Amazing shots and captures,Debbie!!The Baltimore Oriole,is a very smart and cute bird!I like jelly,too!!Wish you a happy Sunday!

  11. She's so pretty, and I think you're doing just fine. You're providing her with something that Orioles love to eat. Glad she's defending her supply! I've also had female Orioles come to our yard, and feed their babies crunchy peanut butter that I had put out for them.

  12. I love the song of the Oriole. I remember the first time I heard it I searched and searched the tree patch until I found the bird. Your photos are wonderful. Keep feeding her. Life is hard a it is.

  13. You see the most beautiful birds! I've never seen an oriole before but I am beginning to see a different variety of birds in my front yard.

  14. Her grin is quite telling, she likes jelly in her belly!

  15. Good for her, standing up to that cowbird! I think it's good to feed her. Maybe do some research and make sure you're feeding something good for her diet with an occasional treat.

  16. LOL! She wasn't taking any crap from the cowbird! Great shot! She's a beauty!

  17. Debbie, she is just beautiful.
    If it were me, I would definitely give it whatever it wants. That's just me, and animals. :-)

    I have heard however, that if you do not intend to feed throughout the winter, that you should stop in late Aug./early Sept. I feed ours throughout the winter. Heck, in addition to the driveway, I even have to shovel paths to get to the feeders!!

  18. HI Debbie HI Wonderful critter post.

  19. She seems like a fiesty one!