Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Showers...

 bring snow plowers!!
That's right kids, last night The Jersey Shore got more snow.
Yesterday I was outside picking daffodils from my garden.
Two vases, filled right to the brim.

 When I woke up this morning, "it" was melting, but "it" was there!!

The banging of hammers at the house next door woke us early...
the house was freezing.
Chuck said, "who" turned off the heat??
"Who" was the operative word here because of course it was me.
But in my defense, I never turned off the heat,
I had to use the air conditioning yesterday, because it was so hot.
Technically, I turned off the air conditioning.
You get my drift??


  1. Well, I just LOVE your flowers! I must have misunderstood or wasn't paying attention to the weather report last night: we didn't get the rain/snow mixture, but it was only 20 degrees this morning. No flowers here yet.

  2. The flowers are beautiful. Hopefully that was the last snow before spring really is here.

  3. At least you have flowers today to look at. I hope that this is the last bit of snow you will have. I now put post it notes next to the deals on the wall when I turn off the heat. Since I do it all the time, we wake up to the cold. Just like you did this morning. :)

  4. Great photos ~ and post ~ xoxo

    ~ artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

    MA got snow too ~ poor daffodils wilting over

  5. Tis spring here too! They say if you don,t like the weather wait a day and it will change. Your daffy's are beautiful!

  6. Most of the daffodils around here haven't worked up the nerve to come up yet. They must have heard the weather forecast. We got snow, too. But it's short-lived. Terrific pics today!

  7. Trying to catch up on all your posts!! I absolutely adore those bird photos! And I'm so glad you had such a great visit to DC. I have a friend who lives there, and she said the blossoms are gorgeous this year. And, yep, we had a dusting, and today it's cold! Bring back that beautiful spring weather!

  8. Last evening's conversation:
    Me: It's snowing.
    Ray: It's not snowing.
    M: It's snowing.
    R: Those are just big drops off the trees.
    M: It looks like it's snowing.
    ***An hour later***
    Ray: It's snowing.

  9. April likes to play tricks.
    This time we gave you snow.
    Daffodils are beautiful!
    Happy Easter.

  10. You got the extremes happening, that's spring time weather. We had hail through the sunshine last week. Bring it on!

  11. Love your pretty daffodils. It's snowing here again today. Yesterday the grass was green. Today it's white.

  12. Freezing temps here, too, but no snow. We had the air conditioning running over the weekend, and now the heat is back on. Larry and I fuss over the thermostat--I can't stand it getting HOT, and he wants to "wait" to turn on the AC. :-)

  13. Yes, I get your..."snow" drift! ha! ha! Cold here, too, but no snow of course. We always have one last cold snap before Easter...hoping it is short-lived!!

  14. I really like your daffodils Debbie!Great pictures!And here,up on the mountains its snowing!Strange weather indeed!

  15. OOPS :) Love the daffodils they are so lovely. Happy days of heat are coming again I do hope. :) Hug B

  16. We got about 3 inches here. :-(
    So crazy, but the good thing is that at this time of year, it doesn't last long. :-)

  17. LOL! I have to side with you...technically you didn't turn off the heat. You are kinda of a weisenheimer, though. :-) Beautiful flowers!

  18. Those daffodils are gorgeous!!! We've been going back and forth with the heater and a/c this week, too. Very confusing weather we're having!

  19. Love the daffies! It is weird weather! One day air conditioning and the next heat! I am hoping for a warm sunny weekend! Have a great evening..

  20. We had hail and snow. It was a mess. I KNOW spring will come.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  21. We had snow too. This winter has been SOOOO long! I'm really hoping it's over now!

  22. Oh my! It has just been a crazy spring in many places. No snow here but it's drizzling rain quite steadily now. Your daffodils are so pretty.