Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Cleaning

It's been a long winter, filled with a few little updates
and projects around the nest.
Most I have shared on the blog,
 but here are four little projects we did that I really love. 

This was a "must have" purchase from Pier One Imports...
what a great message,

and it fit perfectly right on the fireplace mantel.
Right in plain sight where I can read the message every day. 

 I think it looks beautiful!
Next up was a little update in the hall.

We have those "we were popular" back in the 80's banisters.
We = me, popped out those round wooden plugs,

and screwed in these cute little knobs from Pier One Imports.
Are we seeing a little Pier One pattern here??

Each one had to be different, cause I'm funky that way...

 and now it looks like this...sweet!!
Not needed, not necessary but totally adorable!

I picked up this six in one frame at...
you guessed it Pier One Imports and filled it with some of my
favorite sunset images.
The frame is funky and fun and I really love it!

The hubs painted the hall closet.
I didn't take a before picture as it looked exactly the same.
Everything that was in there, needed to be there,
so it was just a remove, paint and replace!
The walls were all marked up so it really needed to be painted.
We have been in this house 30 years and it had never been updated.
I have cleaned out all of our closets.
I have cleaned and organized the built-ins in the living room,
the china cabinet, the office draws, every drawer...the list is endless.
Every square inch of this house has been cleaned and organized.
I can't think of one more thing to do to keep myself
busy and occupied.
As the winter ends, everything is done.

Bring on Spring!!

p.s. we received 2 more inches of the white stuff last night!
In protest of this "Spring" storm...I'm not taking anymore pictures.

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  1. You have a truly beautiful home Debbie. I like the improvements you both have made.

    I heard the birds singing this morning so I know that spring is here. My yard is bare of snow!!!!!

  2. I think it is just beautiful! It looks perfect. I did laugh about not taking pictures of the snow. :)
    I bet it feels so good to sit and rest because you know that ever single place is clean. I love that feeling.
    Now, I need to visit Pier One. :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE Pier One! Great idea to put those little knobs on the banister Debbie! I can see your flip flop "collection" in the closet! Mine are piled up on the closet floor, I need a hanging shoe keeper. As for the snow, we got more here last night too :(

  4. so, if i buy you a ticket, can you fly down and spend a week w/ me in texas? i could use some sprucing up. ;)

    i think pier one owes you a gift card for advertising! :)

  5. Wonderful decor idea,
    love the little coat hangers!

  6. LOVE your decorating style! If our gigantic TV wasn't right above our mantle, I'd so rush out to Pier I and get that sign. Maybe I'll run in there while I'm doing my errands later today. You had me at the sign, but I love those glass knobs, too.

  7. You have been busy! Impressive! The knobs were a great idea. We painted our closets for the first time abt 2 years ago after 30+ years. Amazing how much better they looked!

  8. Great Ideas for coats and frames. Donl't you feel good now you're ready for Spring?! xo Jenny

  9. I love the knobs on the banister...great idea! Now, can you ship me some of your energy so I can get my cleaning done? :) I don't blame you for boycotting the snow. Hurry up spring!!

  10. I like your decorating style,in the house Debbie,and your pictures frames!What a beautiful sign!Wish you a nice and cozy evening!

  11. What a wonderful message on this plaque, Debbie, and your home looks just beautiful.

    I absolutely love your door knob idea. So unique.

    I am pretty much done here too, so I spent the day in the basement, because that will never be completely done!

  12. Pier One has some cool items. I love your sign, it is a good message! The knobs on the banister is a great idea.. You are just amazing.. Have a great evening and a happy Thursday!

  13. Beautiful Debbie. Arrangements have been very good.
    That we feel comfortable when we see everything neat and tidy;-)
    a kiss.

  14. Nice projects! You have a beautiful home!

  15. Oh, where do I start? You have a lovely home, and a great eye for decorating. Love the sign, AND that frame with your sunset shots in it, and your quirky knobs!

  16. oh pooh, no more pics of snow??! boo hoo. no i totally get what you mean there ... we had some snow tuesday all day. & it is slowly melting. we have grass showing through. but it is in the low 30s or 20s all day - so it is darn cold. ( :

    i really enjoy your home colors. so pretty. i love the new art piece. all the purple items hanging away. such great spring new items ... you make me want to clean up. i keep wanting to get rid of things but wondering where to start. sometimes i feel like when i get things away ... i later on miss them. i know the rule - if you have not used them in the last 6 months - get rid of them. right??!

  17. I love that little sitting nook by the fireplace.

  18. What? YOU? No more pics of the snow??!! Now I know it's time for spring! LOVE the mantel - the gray and yellow is so so pretty! And the old door knob accents - awesome!

  19. You are such a talented decorator! Your mantel is beautiful, and I LOVE those knobs!! My mind just doesn't seem to work that way--I can't seem to imagine using things in a creative way.

    After you finish helping Theresa in Texas, you need to fly to my house and help me! :-)

  20. Great sign! Great message! And it looks perfect on your mantel!

  21. I need to hire you. You'd make an excellent Interior Decorator. Love your Photo Frame.
    Also love the Fireplace area in your living room.

  22. Could you come to my house and clean and organize it. You are an inspiration and I loved the pictures of your lovely home and decor.
    Blessings for sharing this one!

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  24. I got my head stuck in that kind of banister when I was a kid.

  25. That saying is beautiful, and I love your idea with the hooks!

  26. Wow! Every corner of your home is immaculately clean after your spring cleaning sessions. It seems you have done a great job with everything. The beauty of your home matched the splendor of the spring. I hope you had a lovely time!

    German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equipment

  27. Woo hoo, you are the BEST for sharing this at Roses of Inspiration. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  28. Love all your knobs, and wonderful display of sunsets

  29. What a beautiful home. Love those knobs too.

  30. *Love* that quote on your fireplace mantel. It looks like it belongs perfectly--and your decor for that entire room is amazing!!