Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Critters ~ 17 ~

It snowed, again...but we are not going to talk about that...
Mr. Cardinal seemed "joyful", so I was as well.
 There was snow eating...

 and deep conversations between friends,
I can only assume about the weather.


 stare downs...

 and smiles!!
Good thing the hubs cleaned the windows!!
I am super excited to be joining in with Eileen over at
for Saturday Critters.
Stop by and consider joining in, any critter will do!! 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I guess beauty like that compensates for the continued cold and snow for you guys! Happy Saturday!!!

    PS...I am so impressed with your hubby cleaning windows. Louis Dean tells the quads, "I don't do windows!" That means he doesn't change diapers!! (OR wash windows!)

  2. LOVE your Cardinals! Send a few this way please.

  3. Que bonita pareja, Debbie. Están muy contentos en tus fotos ;-)
    Buen fin de semana.
    un beso.

  4. Ik had het mis ...
    Dat leuk paar, Debbie. Ze zijn erg gelukkig in je foto's;-)
    Heb een goed weekend.
    A Kiss

  5. Debbie, I love your beautiful Cardinal shots. I wish my hubby would do the windows..Have a happy day and weekend!
    Thank you for linking up with this weeks critter party.

  6. I do love cardinals in the snow - there's something so beautiful in the contrast of red and white!

  7. Enjoyed the commentary. Beautiful pictures!

  8. Oh lovely bright shots! I guess the birds don't mind the snow as much as we do. Love the conversation between friends pic!

  9. so very, very cute. loved the 2 boys sitting so closely together!

  10. I won't mention the s**w word either. :) Only I can't believe it. :) I love those cardinals though sitting there with that finch. I bet they are discussing the weather too. Very nice shots today Debbie.

  11. Hi Debbie!
    What pix, what pix, what great pix! Looked at your sidebar and saw the calla lily shot. They are one of my all time super favorites for their incredibly graceful shape.
    Gentle rain here today with thunder storms predicted for tonight. Hubs and Josephine and I are lounging in bed, window open, listening to bird song, and talking. What a wonderful day so far.
    Hope yours is wonderful, to. xx, m

  12. Marvelous shots of the cardinals ~ what a joy to see ~ Happy Weekend ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol

  13. Another winter has passed (do you see what I did there...put winter in the past!!?!) and I didn't get my ideal cardinal in the snow pid. Alas. That's why I have provide me with all this beauty!!

  14. Always enjoy seeing the cardinals. They are such a positive spot of color.

  15. The photos of the cardinals are beautiful!

  16. Gorgeous pictures of the Cardinal bird Debbie!!He's my favorite!!Your hubby did a great job!!Wish you a happy weekend!

  17. What gorgeous photos !
    I love this red gentleman ;)
    Have a happy Sunday :)

  18. These little guys are probably as confused about the snow as we are.

    Look at those sweet little faces!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Debbie.

  19. The snow only serves to make the Cardinal even more beautiful.

  20. i am glad they are getting along & have such great birdie conversation. so sweet. i can't wait to share what i saw this weekend. a super neat creature. (or critter) so amazing!! ( :

  21. As always, great photos!
    I think even the cardinals are wondering where spring is!!!

  22. ... and a bit of a dribble with that smile in the last photo by the looks of it! Beaut to see such colours - the Cardinals are always a treat :D)

  23. LOL! They may have been talking about the weather - or your food. Nice photos! :-)

  24. Fantastic lighting on these cardinals

  25. Oh what a brilliant color of orange. You got some great shots. I loved the two birds visiting together.
    Just a lovely post as usual.
    Blessings and hugs!

  26. Hi! So good to be by to see you again!
    Love the beautiful! My world is still grey and white...the longest uncolored winter in my history;)


  27. °º♫♬° ·.
    São fofos mesmo!!!


    ░D░O░M░I░N░G░O !!!

  28. Seems that our VA state bird, the cardinal, has akso spent wi ter at our former home state of NJ. It's always good to see these colorful males and the snowfall was a great backdrop as well.

  29. So the keyword is "again".

    Things repeat, though not predictable.

  30. You do such an excellent job with these bird photos! I just love them. I had to laugh at the "discussion" photo of the two birds. Yes, they probably are talking about the weather: "My cousin in Virginia said it's just as cold there!"

  31. Those are through the window? I need to get my hubby on that chore, STAT! lol These are great!! Hope you have a delightful week!

  32. Great photos and captions too. I like the "Conversation" photo.