Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Love Pinterest!!

There...I said it. I am completely addicted and I am no longer ashamed!
I get the most creative ideas at Pinterest.
I make, bake and cook the most amazing dishes from the recipes people share there.
I have created some amazing crafts,
and have used the ingenious ideas I find there,
to organize every corner of my home.
Pinterest inspires me.
On March 1st, I made this...
to bring to my mom's for dinner.
Click the link above if you are interested in the recipe.

 Here are the ingredients...

 Saute one whole onion...

 prepare the veggies...

 the sauted onion goes in the bottom of the dish...

and it looks like this when you pop it in the oven!!
This was very good but it lacked a little flavor.
If I made this again, I would substitute eggplant for the potatoes.
The potatoes were too firm.
 I would have added butter and more seasonings.
I also made this...

I have made this a zillion times before as I get requests.

 The ingredients...

 cube her up...

 so she looks like this...
blend the milk, pudding and coffee so it looks like this...

get yourself organized...

then you layer it.
Next you forget to take another picture until you're all done.
No baking is required and this is very yummy!!


  1. nope, don't pin. don't cook either. ;)

  2. Oh I am so HUNGRY right now. Beautiful beautiful yum:) Hug B

  3. Ahhh, I knew there was a reason I luv'd ya!! I, too, am addicted to Pinterest. I call it Satan's Website because it lures me in and keeps me there! I make a similar dish as your veggie spiral, and I DO use eggplant, plus I season it with black and red pepper. The trifle looks yummy, too. Do you pin on the site? I have about 10 boards, now, and I'm always adding to them.

  4. Oh so yummy, I keep pinning and pinning and I am going to make all of that food too.
    Your food is always as pretty as a picture. :)

  5. Yum Yum and I want some! I too am a Pinterest addict.

  6. Oh,yes Debbie,Pinterest inspires me too!!Both recipes look yammy!!A similar dish i do for Summer,is with eggplant garlic and onions.Try it!!It's delicious!!Wish you a happy week!!

  7. is it bad that i am drooling over this blog post? excuse me i have to wipe my chin. ha. ha!!! never be ashamed over loving pinterest. for me - i have to be extra careful of i will be totally suck in. similar to the "twilight zone" ... i'm now so hungry. yummy good. still drooling , , , ( :

  8. oh YUMMY!! Especially that dessert! I just spent 45 minutes on Pinterest...I'm with you - adore it!

  9. I love pinterest, too! - and I'm not ashamed either - hehe! These look delicious - guess I have a couple more recipes that need pinning :-)

  10. Oh Debbie, oh yum! I am not ashamed either I pin, lol!

  11. The dessert looks wonderful! Also the veggie spiral looks good!

  12. I've found a few things on Pinterest, too. Glad you enjoy it so much.Your dishes look yummy for sure!!

  13. That first dish looks like something I would like to try, for sure! I like Pinterest but stay off of it because one thing leads to another, you know, and there goes the day. But now and then, I indulge myself.

  14. I can't seem to get into Pinterest for some reason. My daughter just started a wedding board, so I put a couple of things on there and then forgot all about it. I think there are too many other things online that get my attention --blogging taking up most of my time. That recipe looks YUMMY though!

  15. Aw w, I liked the look of both of these recipes. I too love Pinterest. I have tried several of their recipes.
    Blessings to you!

  16. It all looks wonderful!! I don't do pinterest, and my dessert making is cut way back since my dr. told me to back off sugar....sigh.

  17. I have been on Pinterest..the photos are amazing on there.. Your veggie dish looks yummy and I love the looks of the mousse dessert... Thanks for sharing the recipe! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  18. A whole post of yummyness Debbie - mmmmm. I love the presentation of the vegies and do appreciate your after-thoughts too. Something different.
    I can see you're a keen fan of Pinterest and that's beaut when you find sites you enjoy, so good on you :D)

  19. I have pinned a few decorating ideas but no recipes as I don't cook much anyway.

  20. You are making me very hungry! :-)
    Both look so yummy, Debbie.

  21. I LOVE Pinterest too! I am addicted as well. I spend hours pinning amazing ideas! That Cappuccino Mousse Trifle looks absolutely amazing!!!

  22. Oh, I want some of that trifle right now! :-) I have the feeling that Pinterest is an untapped resource for me.

  23. I'm not a Pinterest fan. I don't have time to browse the boards, but that spiral looks yummy!

  24. Can you come cook for me? I am doing my practical now, and by the time I have spent 8 hours at the dentist office, and walked home again, I don't have the energy to make anything. Tuesday, I barely had the energy to eat...
    Next week will be better...

  25. Between Pinterest and Etsy...I'm a goner! Lol

  26. The Cappucino Mouse Trifle looks scrumptuous! Love the veggie plate too, and I agree--you could tweak it some for different flavors. They both look awesome!

    I love Pinterest as well for a lot of different reasons! I'm not a huge foodie, so I pin food recipes but am limited in those boards. My boards range from all kinds of collectibles, to quilts & crochet, to nature to political. And my grandson is allowed several boards of his own which we supervise. No Pinterest (or anything else on the computer) in his own name.

  27. Okay I know the veggies are more healthy but I'll take that Trifle!

  28. Ummmm ... Rico, rico rico.
    a kiss.

  29. I'm totally addicted to Pinterest as well! I find so much inspiration on there, from design to cooking to fashion. I LOVE a good trifle, booking marking this one for the next time we have a party!