Friday, October 28, 2011

Fill'er Up...

Do you say that, when you go to the gas station..."fill'er up"??

Every fourth Friday, I go for my "refill"...but a refill of a different kind!! 
I receive the medication for the MS monster that invades my body!!
I always go on Friday, and today was my day!!

We all try to make it fun.
My contribution?? You guessed it...cupcakes!! 
I baked these for the nurses and other patients!!

These were for my nurse Michele to bring home for her son Stephen, who I personally adore!!
He sends me his requests and suggestions through Facebook.
How could you not love that!!
Also worth noting is that I shared my peeps with Steven,
now that's love!!

I loved the spider web cupcakes but could not find the spider rings
that are suppose to go on top!!

I also made a tray for Kim to bring home for her children.

Here's Kim, doing her best America's Next Top Model impression!!
She is the kindest nurse I know.

Kim gets to stick me and she gets me, first stick, every. single. time.

Our infusion suite...fancy, right??

My infusion mate Dan, is he not adorable??
He's taken girls. He has an adorable new baby girl
and an amazingly devoted wife!!

Two more of my infusion buddies on the left,
Dan's Mom on the right.

I have blogged about my infusions before,
here, here and here.

It's not too exciting but I love sharing that I know how to do links,
because for me, that's a big deal!! 

I'm home now, exhausted and glad it's over!!

The cupcakes were a big hit!!


  1. Debbie: Thank you for giving me this intimate look into your world. While I wish you didn't have to do it, I just know everyone there would be lovin' you and that YOU, my dear, would find a way to make it FUN!

  2. I know the nurses appreciated your yummy cupcakes. As a nurse myself, I can tell you that it is a work of heart and most of us feel that the little thank yous from those we help mean more than any paycheck.

    Sure hope your treaments are helping my friend XOXO

  3. even though it is not a pleasant thing, MS is part of who you are now, and these infusion treatments are part of your week, so i'm glad you can share them with us here. and share a little bit of sugar-laden joy with the nurses and mates you have there too! :)

  4. Debbie, Glad you are home and this Friday is almost behind you. How wonderful your nurse's son facebooks you with treat request. You are a special woman.

  5. Leave it to you to make your infusion treatment fun! :)

    Love your cupcakes -- you did a great job decorating them! YUM!!

  6. Leave it to you to make your infusion treatment fun! :)

    Love your cupcakes -- you did a great job decorating them! YUM!!

  7. How wonderful that you share this intimate part of your life with some wonderful and caring people - and you are one of those wonderful and caring people!

    How special it is that you shared this with us here in Blogland - I am constantly humbled by those I have met here who, though fighting their own demons, remain beautiful and true of spirit. I admire you.

    Oh gosh, now you've gone and made me cry.

    Bless you, Debbie. You inspire me beyond words.

  8. Sounds like a lot to go through, but it must be worth it. Thank you for the lesson. It does look very bright and cheery.

  9. Those cupcakes were adorable. Hope you are feeling better soon. Rest up and take care Debbie.


  10. Debbie, thanks for giving us a glimpse into your world. It can't be easy but you treat it with grace. You have such a great outlook on life - I could certainly learn a thing or two from you.
    Kim looks like she is a lovely nurse she has a kind face!
    And how lovely for Stephen to facebook you!
    I can imagine you make friends wherever you go. Rock on lady!!!
    Hope you recoverd well from your infusion.

  11. What a warm, generous spirit you have. It shows through in EVERYTHING you do! I'm so glad I get a little taste of it every single day! I tried to find you on FB to friend you, but couldnt. I'm Adrienne Scanlon from Boston MA (or Woburn MA??) Find me if you can!

  12. You are so kind to do that! My mom used to do that same thing when she was in better health! They look yummy!

  13. A wonderful way to show your appreciation to the wonderful nurses. Glad you are done for the time being.

  14. Your cupcakes are adorable! I wish I could've had time to mail you some spider rings - we have about a billion left over. But they were cute even without them! Sounds like you have lots of support there :-)

  15. Those are some great cupcakes, girl!

    I'm so sorry you have to go through these treatments, but even there your style and grace come shining through. I hope you are feeling better and that you have a happy Halloween.

  16. Debbie... you are fantastic! Its amazing the relationships that you build where ever you are. Its really wonderful! We are all really lucky to have you in our lives!

    And those cupcakes... well... they look absolutely yummy. Makes me want one right now!

  17. Oh I love your cup cakes. Great job.
    Rest my friend with the big heart you deserve it. B

  18. Hi Debbie, I am happy you are over this Friday and the medication part. At least till next time. What ever makes you better, right? The cupcakes look delicious and I am sure they are a big hit with the nurses and other patients. Take care and have a great Sunday!

  19. How sweet of you to bake cupcakes for the nurses! I'm sure they all appreciate them. I love that Stephen sends you FB messages with his requests.
    (My son was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago, and gives himself injections 3 times a week.)