Thursday, February 9, 2017

Yarn Along

I am late to the party but I have been knitting... 
and I would still love to share what's on and off the needles.

- One item off the needles - 
I am knitting wash cloths for gifting this christmas.
I thought a pack of three washcloths, with a bar of felted soap would make a useful hand made gift.

I love the pattern and this 100% Peruvian Cotton Yarn,
Cascade Yarns - Luna.
I purchased the yarn at Woolbearers Yarn Shop in Mount Holly,
while we were there for the Fire & Ice Festival.

- Still on the needles -
I have made a little more progress on my Outlander Cowl by Andee.
I needed some help, it is good to have friends in high places that wrote the pattern.
I keep thinking that I have made another mistake, but it may be the shading of the yarn.
Thanks for your help Andee - I think I've got it now.

I am joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along



  1. I do like the Peruvian Cotton Yarn, for the wash cloths, there are lovely colours in the yarn.

    Your cowl is coming along nicely too ...

    All the best Jan

  2. Hello, the washcloths will make a nice gift. I like the yarn colors and the cowl is looking pretty. Have a happy day and weekend ahead.

  3. Debbie, the washcloths are a wonderful idea! I love the stitch pattern in this one. So nice.
    Your cowl is looking wonderful too!

  4. Wow - your cowl is so pretty and I love the color. I love your homemade gift idea - washcloths and felted soap. I'm not sure what felted soap is - you know I'm going to smile a great big smile if you tell me you're making soap :-)

  5. Personal gifts are such a lovely idea :-)

  6. I made these only used as dish cloths and I made Scrubbies out of nylon net to go with them. Now--my girl expect them every Christmas. :-)

  7. beautiful work!! you make such pretty things! Anyone would love those gifts for sure!

  8. A knitted wash cloth ?
    this is something new to know about .great idea for glass dishes specially .
    loved your outlander cowl ,color is lovely!
    best wishes for joining the exciting learning place dear friend!

  9. That's a lovely idea for gifts - you're getting a nice early start too. Beautiful cowl - coming along :D)

  10. I have never known of knitted wash clothes! You always amaze me, Debbie.
    The purple is to die for; such a luscious color, and I know someone who
    really loves that color. :)


  11. I really love the beautiful color of the Cowl you are making. I think you said it was for you; right? I like your idea of you knitting wash cloths for Christmas gifts. I personally thing that is an awesome gift. Sending hugs your way~