Monday, February 6, 2017

Being Home...

There are no big adventures to write about from this past weekend.
We were out Saturday morning, 
necessary things and a free "everything bagel" at Panera Bread.
Last month I got an email from Panera -
I had earned one free bagel every day for the entire month.
I got the same email for February - 
nice...I do love their bagels.

Once home, I keep busy. 
When I try to remember what I have done, I usually can't - 
but I know it was fun and it kept me entertained.
I spent a lot of time trying to work in the office on Sunday, 
but the birds were very distracting. 
Once the camera comes out - I kinda' loose focus - on work that is,
and focus my attention and camera on the birds.

Mister kept me company - and distracted!


  1. He's such a cutie - I love how he folds his hood back in the second photo and puts on a face... an "I'd love a bit of your free bagel" kind of face" ;D) xx

  2. Morning Debbie! Love these most recent bird pictures!! You get such great ones! Hope y'all had a nice weekend! Did you watch the big football game?

  3. Hello, Panera does have some yummy treats. Love the Cardinals, beautiful shots. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. I am not big into bagels, but the goto Canadian coffee shop, Tim Hortons, has a sundried tomato bagel in some seasons. I like it toasted and smeared in butter.

  5. So beautiful!

    I've never been to Panera, but I'm glad you get free bagels, that's a nice prize,
    and you deserve all you can get. xoxo

  6. You must be a true bagel lover. I'm more of a doughnut person, but I don't eat them often. My husband LOVES Panera. He has me stop by and get him the Wonton bowl that they have.

  7. Debbie!
    Your two photos are excellent.
    A very beautiful bird.
    Happy week.

  8. i keep seeing a Mrs. Cardinal ... lately ... usually the ladies are more worn than the men ... always wonder why that is? great shots, Debbie. i have not had a bagel in a while ... something i wish we had a unique grocery store for more unique flavors. sometimes i get english muffins ... but i wish there was something else to do ... i don't enjoy bread for toast any more ... i have to change it up every once in a while. have a nice week! ( :

  9. Not surprising you were distracted by that handsome Mister!

  10. I can keep myself busy and not remember what I've done, also. Time just flies and I'm really not sure what being bored is. Mister was a handsome guy to keep you distracted!

  11. With birds like that around,I wouldn't get anything done, except take pictures.

  12. Isn't that funny how we can keep so busy and not remember what we did, you are just like Greg, once that camera gets in his head the time just gets away from him, time just flies!

  13. You can tell he knew he was being observed. He really did lovely poses for you. I would have been too distracted to work too.

  14. Oh my ! you just made my day with your MARVELOUS photos !
    the second one is absolutely JOY to stare at

  15. Oh, that second photo - what a stunner!
    Work! Who needs or wants it when you have such a wonderful distraction!

    All the best Jan

  16. Well my weekend was a work weekend, again, so you know that I didn't go anywhere! But I had Monday off and Tuesday (It's my weekend) so I made good use of it and went to St. Paul! Even had the best lunch ever while there! Your captures here are beautiful again. Thanks for sharing this sweet cardinal!

  17. I love the photos of this precious bird. I love the colors of this handsome one. Again, the personality of this bird is right there and you always get it.
    Bagels, birds and office work; perfect combiation. Hugs~

  18. What a little sweetie he is!
    Happy day to you, Debbie!

  19. Thank you for sharing your handsome distraction!

  20. It has a beautiful color. I love!!!