Friday, February 24, 2017

Dinner with Em...

I have a few favorite nieces...Sarah, Emily, Stephanie, Dea-nna...
I feel close to all of them and always enjoy their company.

Recently, we had dinner with my god daughter Emily and her favorite man Jaun.
They wanted Sushi and we found a place that serves both Chinese and Sushi
 KOI Asian Fusion.
The food was excellent and the decor was beautiful.
I did not take pictures that night, 
does it embarrass a 20 something if her Aunt is running around a restaurant with a camera?
I'm not sure, so I played it safe.
The food was so good, 
the hubs and I went back and the hubs is fine with me running around with the camera.

KOI Asian Fusion
It was just a little dark, but very cozy.


I only eat cooked Sushi,
this is Shrimp Tempura and Sweet Potato Puffs
it was very good.

The hubs had Sesame Chicken which was also very good.

Em talked so much that night - she had applied for a 6 month work visa in New Zealand.
I listened about the grueling process and really enjoyed her enthusiasm about the possible move.
She and Jaun had vacationed in New Zealand, but they don't give out too many work visa's.
But, much to my sorrow, 
she and Jaun both received them and they will be leaving in March.

She and Jaun have adventurous spirits, I will miss her but I am so excited for them both.


  1. Hello, the food looks delicious. I could only eat the cooked Sushi too. The place is pretty, love the mural. Congrats to your god-daughter. I would love to visit New Zealand. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Congratulations to your god-daughter.

    The restaurant and the food look great. I don't eat the raw stuff either!

  3. Congratulations!!! We have a Japanese restaurant called Koi, too, although I don't know if it's fusion or not. My husband loves sushi and I don't, so it's the one place we can go where he can get sushi and I can get hibachi chicken. Spicy rice is my favorite thing!!!

  4. So glad that you and the hubs went back so we could see that wonderful restaurant. I know, youngsters do get embarrased by our picture taking, don't they? Sometimes I am a little reluctant to be the person running around taking pictures of everything. But, I do it anyway. Good luck to your niece in her many adventures.

  5. That Koi painting is very beautiful

  6. Great free publicity for the restaurant. The food looks delicious especially the sesame chicken and your photos are great!
    Have a fantastic weekend :)

  7. Looks a very nice place ... love the chicken with broccoli!

    New Zealand is a lovely country, I wish your niece Em and Juan good luck in their adventures.

    All the best Jan

  8. Oh my goodness, that looks like a wonderful, pretty place! I would want sushi cooked also. :)
    Happy for Em - I know you'll miss her but a great opportunity.

    Trying to play catch-up today. :)

  9. Debbie, going to New Zealand must be very exciting! Fusion food sounds interesting, and your cooked sushi looks delicious. We once went to dinner with Kdaughter at a Sushi restaurant. The food was delicious but we had to stop at and get a burger afterwards. Thehubs said he was still hungry. We have never told her though, I guess we are just big eaters here in the Ozarks. Now when we go out for chinese thehubs stays home.

  10. That is awesome to be able to get a work visa. I am sure they will have such fun and so much learning. The food looks wonderful. I am not much of a sushi (raw) fan either. I like cooked too.
    It looks like a very nice place.

  11. I only eat cooked sushi, also. Best of luck to Em and Juan- it sounds like an awesome experience!

  12. We have an Asian Fusion restaurant here and the food is awful. Cafeteria style and so americanized it doesn't even taste Asian. I'm not fond of Sushi--I don't like the sea weed wrap or the vinegar they put on it, but I do like real Chinese food and we have a small hole-in-the-wall, owned by a Chinese family, just up the road. I so enjoy it there. All in all, it was nice for you to be with your niece and Juan.

  13. It is always fun to see young people getting all excited about their future ahead, sounds like quite the adventure in store for them, I know you will miss her being so far away. That looks like a very nicely decorated place. I am not much on Asian food myself, but glad you were able to go back and enjoy an evening with your hubby and get some good pictures!

  14. Thanks for the close up of the Koi painting - it's beautiful and caught my eye immediately. Lovely food so nicely presented. I'd like my sushi cooked too.
    How exciting for your dear ones to have such an adventure before them. With all the modern ways of keeping in touch that will ease the separation :D)xx

    1. ... or make the separation a little more bearable, sounds better.. I think... oh, it's time for bed lol - cheerio :D) xx

  15. Sounds like a good time! The food looks delicious!

  16. The Restrauant looked like a lovely one. The photos of the food were great. However, I am not a fan of Suschi but I loved the photo of your hubby's food.
    I think it is so nice that you could spend time with your God daughter Emily and Juan. You are probably right about taking photos with them. However, most young people love having their pictures taken. It sounds like they are off for an adventure; maybe you can visit them. I hear New Zealand is lovely.
    Blessinga and hugs!

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