Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday Critters ~ 126 ~

Yesterday, I went outside to check on the baby birds, nesting on my front door.
You did read that correctly, they are nesting right in the wreath hanging on my front door.
If you happen to miss that chatter, look down, it is the entry before this one,
it's a no wonder I have to buy a new wreath each Spring.
And yes, you did also read that correctly...
every year, when I hang the Spring wreath on my front door,
the robin's come, build a nest and raise a family.
Good thing I love them,
they make such a mess and "poop" all over everything.
I "may" have felt that way about my own kids.

Anywho, long story even longer, mom and pop were having no part of me photographing the babies.

Momma in one tree, papa in the other...
To say they were squealing would be an understatement.

After telling me off in bird language...

they went into stare down mode,

and I conceded and went back in the house with no pictures of the babies.

And to say they were protective would be another understatement.
They were "dive bombing" me as I stood on the front step.
It's my house, I paid for it...I pay all the property taxes and maintain the property beautifully.
But at that moment, I felt like it was their "nest", not mine.

Jezzzzzz, you would think they could chip in a little around here.
All these animals live here and nobody pays rent,
more on that tomorrow...
and yes,
I "may" have felt that way about my own kids.

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  1. They are very good parents and are doing what any parent would do - see you off!! Be patient and the chick will be visible soon as they will gettoo big fr the nest and both parents will be feeding them furiously! I hope you have a marvelous week ahead so until next time, bye.

  2. Sometimes I think that we are only guests at this Planet =)
    Nice photos and great story!

  3. .. your photos are gorgeous Debbie...... what great parents these little birds are....
    have a great day... hugs.. Barb xxxxx

  4. Dazzling photos Debbie! I like how the colours turned out.

  5. Fotografias espectaculares.
    Um abraço e bom fim de semana.

    1. translated: great photos. A hug and good weekend .

  6. Oh how sweet to have pretty robins taking residence in your door wreath. Though I suppose it would be no fun being dive bombed by them. Glorious photos, Debbie!

  7. you're too cute. thanks for the laughs and angry birds today. :)

  8. Oh this was lots of fun, and that stare down is like my most favorite of all! Beautiful captures Debbie, just makes my morning brighter. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Hello Debbie!:) What fabulous captures of your beautiful American Robins. They look so attractive amongst the tree blooms, even if they were angry. I enjoyed your humourous captions,..:)))but it's all worth it to get so close to these wild creatures.
    Have a great Weekend.:)

  10. Loved the narration as much as the photos----I relate---squawky robins and kids ;)

  11. Very funny post! And I "may" have felt the same way about my kids too. I had a robin's nest on my front porch one spring, and we were NOT ALLOWED out there until it was all said and done. I have to say, my house finches are more polite.

  12. You are just too funny! I can just imagine their indignant tirade against you photographing the babies & YOU own the house! Too cute to see them looking at you angrily!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. LOL! They sound like freeloaders! Beautiful photos of the ticked off parents!

  14. Yep, that body language was pretty loud too

  15. awe - you're so sweet to them, and they should at least reciprocate and let you take pics.
    Although, these photos are simply gorgeous. :)


  16. Those Robin's must really trust you to come back each year and nest in your wreath; I love it. The pictures of the Robin's are spectacular. Sorry they don't agree with photo taking that should be part of their contract with you. Always love it when your personality comes out in your writing. Sending loving thoughts off to you!

  17. I spent the morning being dive-bombed by the swallows that are nesting in our birdhouses here!
    They really are brave little things, and they are absolutely relentless.
    These photographs are really wonderful, and I love the one of 'stare-down" mode.
    Too funny!

  18. Wonderful photos, but those "homeowners" certainly were mad at you for intruding into "their" space! (And as far as the mess and the freeloading goes by human or animals sharing your house -- yup, I remember that!!!

  19. Debbie, Oh the look on that robin's face....not happy. I loved reading this post. I hope you are having a great week-end. Hugs! Bonnie

  20. Yikes! I must say,you are a better person than me.I would have got a picture of the babies,despite the scolding of the parents.At least,I'm pretty sure I would.

  21. They do pay rent! They cause you to smile, and at times give you something to complain about. Well worth the trouble, methinks.

  22. Hello Debbie, I love your pretty Robin. Gorgeous collection of photos, she posed so nicely for you. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead! PS, I could link you up if you want me to?

  23. PS, thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day!

  24. Oh what a lovely, fun post.
    Your photo's are exquisite, the colours in them superb.
    But the way you tell the story ... I'm still smiling now.

    Love it, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  25. That is funny. It's rather how I feel about the cats!

  26. LOL! But they posed nicely in the dogwood tree!

  27. They are beautiful! I love the staring images. I can relate and the robin at my house is in a tree, not my front door.

  28. These were awesome. They do seem to have the "Angry Bird" stare down pat.

  29. Wow you may not have gotten the babies but you sure got momma and dad good there, love the ones in the flowering tree, so pretty! They do make a mess with their poo don't they, I am having to clean up after the ones that like to come under our porch too. Better luck next time seeing the babies :)