Sunday, May 15, 2016

Failure to Launch!!

Who "really" own's this place I call home?
It is a question I ask myself over and over again...
If you read yesterday's post, the birds think they own the place.

As you read today's entry, you will find these 2 ducks think they own the place,
prancing around on "my" swimming pool cover.

Shown here conversing, I assume, about when we are going to open up the pool. 

Hello...we live on a river...lot's of water down there.
But nope, we're going to sit here and crap all over this swimming pool cover 
while we wait for these two kind people to open their swimming pool. 
Then we can swim, float and "poop" in and around that.
We like the stairs best, it's comfortable to lay around there and let it all out!!
I know this because ducks have lived in my pool every year, for as many as 20 years.
We've had as many as 12 at one time.

Stop laughing, it's not funny...for real they are pooping machines.

I chased them around for a bit, at least I was in control...
not like yesterday where the birds were chasing me.

They finally got off the pool and pranced around on the brick pavers for a while,
again like they own the place, relieving themselves whenever necessary.

I chased them a little bit more and they "hid" under the bushes.
Good job guys...I can still see you.

We played cat and mouse for a while, they outlasted me,
and I once again retreated to the house.

And just a little p.s. boys and girls. The neighbors pool is already open.
Sparkly clean, heated water, why not swim over there.
Or perhaps the river, has that thought ever crossed your mind??
Hasn't that been your home for years?

They spent the entire day...

Another serious case of 
"Failure To Launch"

I did hang the "No Vacancy Sign"...more about some additional freeloading critters tomorrow!

The saga continues...


  1. Debbie, I am laughing so hard, my ribs hurt!
    They do make a mess though.
    I have a pair of Canada Geese on the pond now. They do not seem to be making their home here, but they do visit several times a day. To be perfectly honest, I do not know how a creature can poop that much in such a short period of time! :-)

  2. So funny ... although I can see the downside ... but these ducks look so lovely in your photo's.
    There's obviously something special about your garden, or could it be they know that you and the hubs are special people too!

    Sending my good wishes

    All the best Jan

  3. I had a pet duck when I was in grade school. Oh boy do they poop. Our back porch was always a mess.

  4. Pooping machines but such cute ones! I can never resist watching mallard male ducks in particular, such gorgeous green heads. Great photos Debbie and have a great week too! :-)

  5. Pooping machines but such cute ones! I can never resist watching mallard male ducks in particular, such gorgeous green heads. Great photos Debbie and have a great week too! :-)

  6. Lol lol lol!! I am loving both yesterdays and todays posts! I sure love yesterdays bird photos---especially the one staring at you!--great capture! Wow i cant believe those ducks want In YOUR POOL when they have a whole river???!! Ha ha ha

  7. Oh that is too funny! I think they might like swimming together with you.Now that would be an up-close with nature experience.

  8. too darn cute, debbie. little billed monsters!

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  10. They are messy, but I love seeing them! Especially their feet! lol

  11. oooops...I meant to say.....You are too, too funny, Debbie. I guess the avian world just love your place...what is your secret!! We once had some 'lovely' ducks gracing our pond....but after they destroyed everything and over fertilised everything else, I took them to another home, way, way, away!! They are such graceful critters, and look oh-so-romantic gliding around on the water.....if only they didn't poop every second of the day. I can't wait to tune in to the next funny instalment of your saga. Have a lovely day.....a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's movie, The Birds, does come to mind!! =)

  12. LOL! Apparently, you aren't scary enough! You could try dressing up like Elmer Fudd. ;-)

  13. Oh, I'm not laughing! Not a bit! (giggles to herself) :-D They think you're just chasing them to get more pictures. You have a reputation amongst the animals as a very kind person.

  14. I've heard stories of ducks landing on swimming pools, but not trying to take over ownership!

  15. That intrigued me, so I looked it up. The ideas I liked best were floating a large toy plastic alligator, or buying a surface skimming pool cleaner that keeps moving around. Ducks would be scared of both.

    1. i will send this dear friend a note on this, how wonderful of you to , take time to research this for me. we installed fountains, that sprayed the entire surface of the water constantly. we ran our pool clearer with it's water shooting tail 24/7. we bought blow ups of every kind and nothing, so far, has deterred the ducks. our "pool people" say it is a phenomena, that these tactics usually work. i am NOT going to tell you what i saw them doing with the huge blow up swan, it's x-rated!!! we did have a blow up whale also!!! they even used the pool while we were in it. they controlled the deep end, if we choose to stay, we were "allowed" in the shallow end. true story!!

  16. Just wait till the ducklings hatch...then you'll really be in for it. Xoxo Andrea @ This Knitted Life

  17. We feel the same way about the squirrels here!!!

  18. i love both your images and the humour in this post Debbie.

  19. So funny...

    And funnier is that who to decide who own what place.

  20. Great post at your expense.
    Our son recently sent a picture of a mallard that showed up at his pool. I had never heard of this happening. I would think the chlorine would deter them.

  21. Funny storytelling! ))) They just trust you more than the neighbors))

  22. .. well ... I think it's very rude of them to overstay their welcome...... but you did get some fabulous photos..
    I do hope they don't do too much damage.. xxxxx
    ... hugs... Barb xxxx

  23. Ok, I'm sorry, but I laughed. I tried not to. But I hear ya... while I don't have the water fowl, I have the wildlife. The foxes use my yard as their private litter box. I already have to scoop up after my own dog. Lately there have been bears roaming our neighborhood. I don't think I have a scoop big enough for that.

  24. Oh I love your visitors Debbie. Now get that pool open and heated will ya! LOL

  25. I know you said not to laugh but I did. Sorry Great shots. HUG B

  26. Debbie, what wonderful entertainers they are!...:)JP

  27. Oh goodness....first it's pooping ducks and then I read about chopping rabbits. I'd say the wildlife in your neck of the woods is running amok!

  28. oh my that is just too funny, I wonder why they would prefer the swimming pool when they have a river with food so close, you would think they wouldn't like all the chemicals and such that are in pools. They can just tell that you take pictures and they want there's taken :) Great pics and funny story to go with them, good luck with all that cleaning... YUCK!!

  29. How I loved your humor on this one. I can relate in many ways. We have ducks across the street that visit our property frequently. In fact we named two of them. However, our neighbor who has a pristine yard; they like his best and he is always struggling with all th poop. Yup! That is not fun. You got some fantastic shots of those little poopers. Hugs for you~