Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Vegetable Garden...

then and now!!
I am thrilled with the progress in the garden thus far.
Most all of my garden plants were started with seeds.
It always feels so much more rewarding
when you start your plants indoors with seeds!

On May 22nd, 
we moved everything outdoors and the garden looked like this!!

By June 7th, we are really growing and look super healthy!!

Don't you just love those garden markers??
How in the world could you remember what's planted there,
without those markers?
And half price, they were a "I must have"...
* smile *

See, garden markers, a must have, especially when they are that cute!!

We started the potatoes on the 7th,
this is our first time growing potatoes,
and I am just a tad excited!!

Here's what's happening on June 13th...

 and on July 12th...

we picked our first cucumber.

On July 17th, this is what I'm looking at...

We've got some really yummy stuff coming...
and are you wondering what I did
with that beautiful cucumber??

Wonder no more...

it became a delicious cucumber sandwich with fresh dill,
from the garden, of course ~


  1. The box garden was well worth the effort. Yummy!

  2. I doesn't get more perfect than that.

  3. Hello Debbie, your garden looks wonderful. You do have the green thumb. We only have tomatoes growing here, I might have to try the eggplant one year. Is that a cookie I see on your plate, YUM! Enjoy your harvest. Have a happy day!

  4. My appetite grew as I progressed through your post.
    And that's my kind of garden; now to get the RG to agree.

  5. Amazing what you can grow in a pot on a deck! Groundhogs and rabbits probably don't come up there to eat it either!

  6. I have never had large tomato plants like that when I used a container to grow them in. What a beautiful vegetable garden--no weeding, no bending over, no pests. I love it!!

  7. This is amazing! Every thing looks so good.

    One year my aunt grew a tomato in a pot. Many laughed. That plant grew to the top of her porch and she kept adding stakes. She supplied many people with tomatoes they said would never grow.

  8. Yeah.

    Every tomato plant I've set out, the bugs have demolished.

  9. ╰✿づه°
    Um belo jardim orgânico!!!

    Ótimo dia cheio de alegrias!
    Beijinhos e tudo de bom nesse restinho de semana!
    .· °ه╰✿づه° ·.

  10. That was a terrific post! I think we should do some container gardening. It would be much easier. We had the same sandwich for lunch yesterday with one of our first cucumbers.
    Visiting from Harvest Lane Cottage

  11. Oh my, how wonderful your garden is! That sandwich looks delicious!

  12. Oh your container garden looks fabulous! Mine burnt up while we were gone to the hospital, but I am determined to try again next spring.
    Have a great day!

  13. Wow! You have a farm on your deck. My husband's bad back earlier precluded a veggie garden this year. Instead, we help my daughter by taking many of her harvested crops! Well done, Deb.

  14. Your garden is looking great, it is so satisfying to grow your own veggies isn't it? The sandwich looks scrumptious. Happy gardening.

  15. it's really looking good! yay!

  16. So impressed and now hanging my head a bit low for complaining about how I miss the big ole garden tomatoes from my childhood when everyone had a garden and our bounty runneth over.

  17. The garden looks nice. I'm not too keen about eating cucumber sandwiches although my sister- in- law eats them all summer long.

  18. I love your patio garden. You are my inspiration. I have a garden just because of you. Thus far it is producing tomatoes and one Zucchini so far. I am excited about it all.
    Loved the pictures of your garden and the sandwich looked yummy too.
    Blessings and hugs!

  19. You have a lovely garden, the food looked delish.

  20. Oh Wow that is coming along nicely. All we have is fresh green beans right now that we planted from seed, the green peppers that we bought as small plants do have peppers they are just to small to pick.

  21. I loved looking at your garden. So did Ron. :) I love cucumber sandwiches. I have a friend who is from England and when I got to her house for lunch, she always gives me cucumber sandwiches and lovely tea out of beautiful old fashioned china cups.
    Such a nice garden you have Debbie.

  22. You must have a green thumb. My mom planted a tomato plant that I bought for her in a big pot and put it on her front porch. It had 1 tomato. - I love those tiny little egg plants you have growing there.

  23. WOW WOW WOW!!

    It's amazing to see from beginning. Y'all are sure great farmers! :)