Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Seeds...Planted with Love!!

I love fresh vegetables in Summer.
Barlows Garden Center has beautiful vegetables in pots...
you know, the ones that give you a head start in Spring.
We have had so much luck with those,
but I have always felt it was so much more rewarding to start with seeds.

Last year, my "garden on the deck" was nothing short of amazing!
I purchased all my plants at Barlow's
and it was a huge success.

In past years, I have started my garden indoors...
and that's what I am doing again this year.
I added carrots to the mix this season,
we eat a lot of carrots, so I am excited to eat the homegrown variety.

I used these Jiffy Pots...

when it's time to transplant,
these can be planted, pot and all, into the ground or
into one of my large pots on the deck.
I picked this up on my recent trip to Barlows,
until I have flowers from my garden,
the Jiffy Pots fit perfectly in the glass vases provided.

 Cucumbers, Carrots and Tomatoes

  I planted three extra pots of tomatoes,
because one can never have too many tomatoes in Summer.

I have a great spot in my family room for everything.
It get's a good amount of sun and is right next to the herb garden.

My son's girlfriend bought me the Hyacinth for Easter,
boy, peeps really know what I like!!

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  1. Hello Debbie, looks like your garden is off to a great start.. I love tomatoes and carrots.. YUM! Your Easter Hyacinth is pretty.. Have a happy Tuesday!

  2. I'll never have a garden, with my three dogs (45, 75, 90 lbs). Sigh

  3. The hyacinth is gorgeous! All the best in your gardening! We've recently been working on getting our vegetables in as well.

  4. a lovely gift from her! and good luck to your seedlings. :)

  5. You are right, never too many tomatoes :)

  6. I love home grown vegetables, and I'm looking forward to planting some soon.

  7. Garden delights for sure. I have to laugh at Mac's comment...bark! Bark! I made each of my grand-daughter's Lyra and Karina their own little flower planter with flowers make from the letters in their name! Of course it was with the help of the Easter Bunny you know!

  8. How wonderful to have the pots you can plant in the ground later. Sure wish I was as industrious as you are, Debbie. :)


  9. I love how excited I feel when seeds begin to sprout. I hope your garden does as well this year as it did last year!

  10. After this awesome post and last years successful deck garden; I am going to see if I can get my husband to help me do this. I love the idea. At our age I just don't think I want a huge garden.
    Blessings and hugs!

  11. This looks super easy. Maybe even I could do it! The purple hyacinths are really pretty. Hope you have a great week.

  12. I hope these little seedlings give you an abundance of vegetables. I love the sweet smell of Hyacinth.

    1. fingers crossed...i will buy a few things at barlows as well!!!

  13. I look forward to the "after" photos! :-)

  14. They look wonderful I love that cool basket you are in and the flowers are just lovely.

  15. You amaze me with your resourcefulness at growing your own veggies. I guess I'm (lazy) as I prefer to just buy them at the Farmers market. I love your pretty Hyacyinth.

  16. Nice Debbie! I was actually thinking about doing the same thing today. I so want to get an early start.

  17. That's an adorable little mesh holder. Looks like you're off to a good start!

  18. Good luck with your veggies! I have some tomato plants and a couple of basil, but that's it. I'm really praying I actually harvest a single tomato this year (actually many single tomatoes!) because every year the heat gets my tomato plants! You can bet they are getting babied this year!!!