Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Fisherman's Graveyard

Sunday morning, the hubs and I knew we were only 
halfway through our busy weekend.
We needed a quick distraction...
so we got up early, made a left out of the neighborhood,
and headed down to the beach.
There was some breakfast involved...that needs it's own post...
and a scavenger hunt of sorts, 
to see what cool things I could find to photograph!!

I love what we found...
there was some climbing involved, eroding pathways,
and some downright danger involved in 
obtaining these pictures.
The hubs helped, he has a good eye...
and we work well as a team.

oooooo, this adventure was so worth it,
let me introduce you to a Fishermans Graveyard.

While I walked around the area, my thoughts were focused on the fisherman,
the ones that used this gear...
the ones that made their living here and at sea!

Point Pleasant, NJ 
April 12, 2015


  1. yes a fisherman's life is not an easy one Debbie but these photogr.phs are marvellous and tells a story

  2. I would think living the life as a fisherman is not easy.. I would be hanging over the side of the boat, lol. I am thankful for them though, without the fisherman we would not have the delicious seafood I love! Great shots!

  3. WOW.... OH WOW.... thank you again Debbie for taking me to a place I would never get to see if it wasn't for me finding your blog! Your photos tell a story, I also wondered about those that have worked so hard, risked their lives, on the sea. I have never been on the sea so I can only imagine what their days are like. Thank you for my trip today! xxDazee (aka Jackie)

  4. You found treasures, that's for sure!

  5. Very cool!! I'm a fan of old rusty anything....but this stuff is amazing. I'm like you, "random" photo ops always get me wondering about who/what/when....it's so fun!

  6. I love all things nautical. What becomes of that equipment? Can it be repurposed? Those ropes tell their own story, don't they?

  7. Hi Debbie - that's very cool! You two never cease to amaze me with all your adventures - and wonderful photos!

  8. What a cool place!!! I would love to see all of that in person. It does make you think about the sailors doesn't it. Great pictures!

  9. If only those old ropes, buoys, fishing nets, lobster & crab pots could only talk bet they would have plenty of adventure stories to tell. Great post Debbie

    1. This adventure was surprisingly fun, with lots of unexpected photo ops!!

  10. Very cool! I love all that maritime rust! Nice shots!

  11. Very cool indeed, Debbie, and what an amazing place to be with a camera!

  12. Wow, and what a find that was. I loved the photos and I think I can use a few of them. You are just amazing with that camera.
    Blessings and hugs!

  13. Nice seeing the colors and textures in these shots. Also, the rust! I love the rust!

  14. Fascinating actually. A fisher men's dock is always interesting.

  15. Looks like an interesting place to visit! It's probably close to the equivalent of a Midwestern ag junkyard.

  16. You have that special gift and see what captures the eye! Simply delightful.

  17. You bet that is cool. Lucky you, what a great place to tour and snap captures.

  18. Awesome place! Love your photos of all that cool stuff!

  19. This was cool. I loved all the photos but those first 2 shots were just awesome.