Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Great Adventure...

The only thing I wanted to do this year for my birthday
Can you believe the nerve of those people...
closed on my birthday?!
I don't discourage easily, so we went on Sunday instead
and we had a blast!!

 The park was decorated beautifully for Autumn...
and the hubs and I enjoyed all the mums, pumpkins,
gourds and cornstalks.

 I told Chuck to kiss the skeleton...
I had no idea he didn't do it until I got home and viewed the pictures.
So...who's fun now??

Next chance I get, I'll show you the animal images from the
Safari Off Road Adventure.
It was definitely worth the wait!! 


  1. Happy Birthday my friend. I cannot believe he did not kiss the cute little skeleton.:) Hug B

  2. Happy birthday! Looks like it was a beautiful day...I agree with your husband on the skeleton though!

  3. The best part about autumn, the color

    By those smiles we can see ya both enjoyed yourselves

  4. birthday? dang! i missed it!?!?! mum's the word. ;)

    i like your scrawny friends. :)

  5. Happy birthday dear Debbie!!
    Oh,i love how the park was decorated!!So beautiful!!It looks so funny Chuck kissing that skeleton!Ha ha!!I really engoyed your post!!

  6. The fall decorations are wonderful.

  7. beautiful shots and how cute, he didn't kiss the skeleton. :) I love fall so much. I am glad you had a happy birthday anyway.

  8. What fun, Debbie!!
    A very Happy Birthday to you, and I am so glad you had a wonderful day.

  9. You both look like it was really fun, great photos and memories. Happy birthday to you too!

  10. Well that is enough to get me excited for Halloween. I loved the pictures and of course the ones of you and your hubby are priceless. I love your fun smiles because you do look like you are enjoying the moments.
    Blessings for you both!

  11. you are brave. i am not sure i could or would kiss a skeleton. that is a bit scary for me. i love the non-scary side of Halloween. i am a real chicken. ( :

    Happy Happy Birthday!! hope you have a great day & you get to celebrate lots. keep on celebrating. even celebrate way into October. why not. ha. ha!!

  12. Debbie, I love the all the decorations and flowers.. Sorry they were closed on your birthday..I am glad you went back for your birthday treat..Pretty shots, love the skeleton shots.

  13. clearly they didn't get the memo about your birthday. Still - so glad you had a fun day and Happy (belated) Birthday. Loving the webs - now that is serious webbing.

  14. I'm glad you got your birthday wish, even if it wasn't actually on your b-day. I hope you had a happy one!

    You are so funny, kissing the skeleton. And your hubs got you that time! :-)

  15. Happy Birthday! I mean, the nerve of that place being closed on your big day! Glad you got to go the next day. Looks wonderful! Love all the fall decorations!

    When we went to Disneyland three summers ago the Haunted mansion was closed. We were so bummed. I mean, we did about everything else, but you always feel like you missed something important when this happens! :-)

  16. Yet again another super fun adventure. It's so much fun to see where you travel. Loved the skeletons and the webbing.

  17. Beautiful travel friends. Glad you pasarais well !!!