Monday, September 29, 2014

To Knit With Love!!

I continue to knit, knit, purl, purl...I continue to love this
new to me craft!
 I finished two more hats...

this one is for a boy,

this one for a girl.
A slouchy hat in purple and gray, with a pom-pom.

I continue to make cute tags to attatch,
with information about the yarn and how to care for the hat.
Most of the yarns I have been using is Baby Alpaca,
if it has been dyed,
that information is included on the tag!!

If you would like to learn how to knit, Leanne is your girl!!
She taught me, back in May of this year.
I purchase all my yarn from the coop at Arrow Acres Farm.
It's a wonderful place to buy yarn and get great advice on knitting!!
September 24, 2014


  1. Debbie, you picked up this craft with such ease. Your hats look so pretty! And the tags are cute.. Enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  2. so pretty

    but in Florida...don't have to work to keep our ears warm. Not dieing from the heat is the tough one


  3. You're doing a beautiful job on those hats!

  4. I love that purple yarn!! A friend has asked me about making boot cuffs for her, so I have made a couple of visits to the yarn store, and will have to take up my hook again, whether she wants the cuffs or not...
    I love those sunsets, and all the animals!!

  5. Those hats look so soft! One winter I knit up about 20 hats. They're a nice, fairly-quick project. I love your cool tags!

  6. I Love You Hats. That said, I am not a hat wearer. My hair looks terrible if I wear a hat. I wear coats with hoods. THAT being said, if it was really cold enough, I am Sure I would Wear a Hat. Specifically, one of Your Mondo Major Groovy hats!
    :) m & jb

  7. 'purple debbie' is one of their best customers and a blogging billboard for them, too. :)

  8. I used to knit a lot when my kids were young. Lots of good memories involved there. Your hats are beautiful, fine job!

  9. Once you've finished all your hats for Christmas gifts, I'm sure you'll be ready to try something different. You're an excellent knitter, and I know you're "hooked!"

  10. Well, just look at you! Beautiful hats. So glad you're having fun with it. You "GO", girl!

  11. You have done so well with knitting! Your work doesn't look like you just started in May.

    Last week I bought some bigger needles plus a round set. I am making a scarf with the bigger needles and a chunkier yarn. It's so fun! I am eventually going to try a hat. :-)

  12. You are one fast knitter. Your hats are just lovely. I really do like that baby Alpaca yarn you use.

  13. The hats - I love them! You're doing beautiful work, and I know your recipients will be delighted! :)


  14. Wow!!Your hats are so beautiful Debbie!Like the yarn that you used!Nice colours!And the tags are so cute!!Great work!!You are so creative!!Have a happy week!!

  15. I have loved watching you fall in love with knitting, and you are creating so many beautiful things, Debbie.

  16. I love that you are posting these great pictures of your handiwork. Hopefully, I will get the lesson soon from my friend. We are going to start out with scarfs.
    Blessings for inspiring me!

  17. Wonderful caps! Everyone you give them to will love them! I have started embroidering more, and also crocheting again. Loving it!

  18. How did you learn so fast? I want to make little baby hats like yours. But I'm not very crafty. Anyway, your creations look so soft and beautiful. Great job!

  19. You are a teacher and weaving !!!