Monday, January 13, 2014

Snail Mail...

Snail Mail = Happy Mail
Don't you agree?!
Saturday was an awesome snail mail day!
The hubs went outside to get the mail Saturday...rats,
I wish I had gone out, I always go.
He came in with a big smile and a huge handful of mail.

I saw a hand written envelope (YaY) and a medium sized package,
I knew what was in the package...

 my "business" cards...I love them!

And these cute little note cards I had ordered from Vista Print.

Using one of my recent favorite images, I think they are amazing.
The picture quality is excellent, they are printed on nice, heavy card stock,
you get 10 cards for ten dollars.

The business cards were five dollars for 250 cards
and they are absolutely beautiful...
shipping was free.

If you are interested, stop by Vista Print...
So many people ask me about my blog and I have to scribble
my name and blog name on a scrap of paper,
this will alleviate that problem.
And you just can't beat 5 bucks, they are of great quality!

Now lets get to the hand written note card...

Wishing me a Happy New Year!!
Isn't it beautiful with those little splashes of glitter.

Many thanks to my dear friend Adrienne at My Memory Art
this sure did brighten my day!!



  1. i had cards printed up a couple of years back - i carry them in case i ever get stopped and questioned why i'm taking photos. :)

    your 'stuff' looks great!

  2. Cute cards. They are so wonderful looking.

  3. I ordered several batches of Vista Print cards (Christmas card specials except I created notecards with blank insides) late last year and put them together in packs as Christmas gifts. I also ordered return address labels with my blog details, not my address, to stick on the back of each card. I was happy with the calendars I ordered too. Not the same quality as Shutterfly but great prices.

  4. Your cards turned out really nice!

  5. Other than birthday/Christmas cards, the handwritten notes/letters are all but obsolete these days. I used to love getting letters and notes.
    Your business cards are beautiful. I dealt with VistaPrint several years ago, and I was very pleased with the quality.

  6. We have been thinking about getting personal cards and this post was timely, Debbie.

  7. I've not heard of Vista Print, I have always used Walgreens for note cards, but Vista Print is a better deal.

  8. Your business card is pretty, I love the Clematis. And the bird is just adorable on the note card. A wonderful purchase, Debbie. Enjoy your week ahead!

  9. I love snail mail!! And it is always nice to hear from a friend. I like your cards!

  10. Debbie, these are lovely business cards and greeting cards! It looks like they really do a fine job. In the past I have used Zazzle and have been very happy with their product, but I think I will check out Vista Print because I especially LOVE your business cards. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Nice cards! I've used VP in the past.

  12. I agree...snail mail equals smiles. Love your cards...lovely! Hugs! Bonnie

  13. I have ordered return address labels from visa print. They do good work!

  14. I did cards from them, too! I gave them away for Christmas!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  15. I have been thinking about ordering business cards from Vista Print, so this is a timely post for me! Yours look great!

  16. LOVE me a good snail mail day!!!

  17. Very nice! Reminds me that I need to have business cards printed.

  18. It's always lovely to get snail mail (that isn't a bill, lol). Your card is really lovely and makes a super card. :))

  19. What a nice idea, I never thought of that. Your photos are lovely.

  20. These are wonderful - I see the TV ads for Vista Print - good to know they produce quality products.

  21. I recognized that New Year's Card from Adrienne's earlier post. So pretty!
    I made some business cards at home to give people when they ask about my blog. They aren't very professional: I just may have to try Vista Print. I've seen their ads on tv.

  22. They have been beautiful Debbie!!!
    Good Tuesdays.
    a kiss

  23. What a nice idea Debby!These are lovely business cards and greeting cards!I really like them!

  24. We use Vista Print for our business -- they do a great job!

  25. Just beautiful and thanks for the links. Maybe if we get better at photos I can do some Christmas Cards next year.