Thursday, January 30, 2014

Making Memories...

Preserving Memories...
The hubs and I like to take "little" trips and over night get-a-ways.
We enjoy bike rides, picnics in the park or a walk in the woods.
We both love to take pictures,
and I enjoy making memory books, so we never forget those special moments.
Here's a peak at what I have been working on...
 An ICE scrapbook, to record all four trips we have taken to the
Gaylord Resort, in the Washington D. C. area,
to see the ICE display.
The book is almost done,
I'll share with you a few of my favorite pages.

 The opening page that summarizes what the book is about.

 In 2011 the dispay was Merry Madagascar
 Here are some of the images we took at the National Christmas Tree
and the surrounding shopping area.

 I try to include lot's of pictures...

 and a story about our favorite parts of the trip.
Two pages are always side by side and I always coordinate them
 2012 was Shrek, I think this was my favorite display...

 I always save the "room keys", shown on the extreme right...

 and all the fun memorabilia and brochures.

 Right now I am working on our most recent trip in December 2013.
I have 29 pages completed and it will probably take
six pages to record our 2013 trip.
So what about you guys, do you "scrap"??
I have one follower who is an amazing memory keeper.
What craft is keeping you guys busy this winter?? 


  1. Your scrap books are just lovely. No, I never have got into scrap booking.
    I love looking at yours and your many trips that you have taken with Chuck. They always make me happy.

  2. I don't "do" scrapbooking -- I guess my blog is my scrapbook of memories in a sense.

    But you are creating amazing memories, in print, for your family, to look at and learn from, many years from now. xo

  3. Which follower would that be, wink wink! That looks amazing! LOVE all the different things that can be done with winter themes ~ I have a friend who scraps with me a lot who's kids are I get my fix of winter scrapping through her - we're always trying to come up with new ways to do hills, snow and cold!! I really love that you save all the memorabilia too - adds a great element to the story you tell!

  4. Your scrap book memories are wonderful! It must be very time-consuming, but also very rewarding. I'm not nearly that ambitious or organized! I used to do a few photo books using the computer, then had them published (just one for me).

  5. I love your scrapbook, but then you know that I love seeing pictures of the two of you smiling. It always brightens my day!

  6. You do beautiful work! It must be so fun to look at through the years. I made a scrapbook of a trip Larry and I took to Tennessee. I'd like to do more, if I could just pull myself together. :-)

  7. you are a scrapping queen. i keep a plain old-fashioned photo album - that i update with a few snaps once a year or so. since i've been blogging, i print a lot less photos.

  8. This is just wonderful!
    I used to scrap, but since I began blogging, that seems to use up all my free time. Scrapping is so much fun; I really enjoy making books as gifts.

  9. I love scrapping, but haven't done it since my hand went bad. I've given a lot of the "extras" away. Your book looks spectacular!

  10. You did a fabulous job scrapbooking.

  11. I admire the patience and creativity of scrapbookers! Unfortunately, I have neither! ha! ha! But I am enjoying learning the quilting process. As a matter of fact, I just bought fabric for the next one! Your book looks great...wonderful memories!

  12. Oh lovely Debbie. I used to do scrapbooking, but I have slacked off. I make cards, quilts, sock creatures and birdhouses over the winter

  13. i love the Christmas tree & the butterfly chair ... neat memories. i love that you share with your bloggy friends. we so enjoy all the special moments. ( :

    looking forward to more very soon. big big hugs.

  14. Fantastic Debbie, to keep the good memories!
    Good night.
    a kiss.

  15. What a beautiful way to hold onto precious memories, Debbie. This is something I've never tried, but I have seen some, like yours, that are amazing.

  16. I like your scrap book Debbie!!It looks amazing!You did a great job!!It's so nice keeping your memories in that book!!I sure want to learn scrapbooking!!!Wish you a lovely evening!

  17. Debbie, I love your books! I scrapped for several years. Friends began asking me to do books for them and their just became more of a chore than a pleasure. Have I mentioned I am a perfectionist! Now our little scrapbook store is closed. You pages make me want to go unpack all my stuff. Thanks for sharing one of your passions. Hugs,

  18. You are so creative and clever. Since I picked up photography as a hobby and started sharing online, I rarely print any photos. We have albums and albums from years ago. If I added to that, we might run into a storage problem. I see scrapbooks like yours and sometimes wish I did, but I have so many photos I wouldn't know where to begin!

  19. Debbie, you scrapbooking looks so pretty. Lovely memories of your trips with the hubs. I wish I was creative, maybe then I would do some scrapbooking. Beautiful photos, have a happy weekend!

  20. welll...right now my favorite hobby is procrastination - im getting quite good at it...

    and I do scrap - but its been years. After the fire I had to kind of go through things and get rid of that which was smokey, and reorganize... its waiting for me, and after seeing your pages I might just motivated enough to finish a few i started years back!

    I love that pic of you in the butterfly chair - you got the greatest smile on your face...!


  21. Wonderful scrapbook! I've done a little, but most of my photos are still loose. Someday... :-)

  22. So sweet! Love the photo of you on the butterfly bench!

  23. I hate to admit it, but I got a scrapbook and some pretty papers and stuff to start "scrapping" as a gift, but I've not done a thing with them. Once I started blogging, it is a sort of memory book.
    Love your scrapbook, great job!

  24. Your Memory books are fantastic. I don't scrap book. I have picture boxes for each of my two kids and one for each grand kid. I put the photos I want them to have in their boxes, along with any other little mementos. When I'm dead, they can just take the box with their name on it!!! LOL

  25. I think it is so awesome that you make scrapbooks of your trips. You always look so happy and you get amazing pictures of course. You are blessed to be able to do all of those fun things.

  26. Your scrapbook looking Good...great idea to save great memories..

  27. You always do such a beautiful job with your books! I made one scrap book - my Gram's memory book. I have to steal it from my aunt so I can show it to you one day! I wish I had more time to do projects like that, I really enjoyed it!

  28. The last few scrapbooks I've made have been digital but after seeing your beautiful handiwork, I'm in the mood for some 'real' scrapbooking!

  29. Debbie, add my comment to those previous ones complimenting you on such lively memory books. I have never done scrapping, but our youngest daughter does and has a cricket (?) machine to create many of the decorative page add-ons. I used to save a lot of the memorabilia from trips, but now take a few photos and put these in albums. My projects have included filing years of collected photos into various albums AND keeping them updated.

  30. Beautiful! You do amazing work! My daughter is also into scrap booking, but it's too much work for me.