Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Posing for Pictures

This little Black Capped Chickadee visited on September 27, 2013
 and posed beautifully for pictures.
And those darn tree branches are gonna' be a problem again this year!!

I want to thank everyone for all the kind,
supportive, well wishes on our recent home improvement project.
All the work is done, all the leaks, walls, ceilings
and sheet rock damage has been repaired.

Eighty percent of the "put it back together & clean" is also done.
Everything looks so wonderful, clean and sparkly!!
All I have left to do is the family room...
It's a huge room and needs a lot of cleaning,
there was a lot of sheet rock sanding in that room and
 I don't want to rush.
Next week, I will dedicate one day to getting it back together.

And the hubs....was just smitten with all the birthday wishes.
He's starting to think you guys like him, better then me.

That's not true, is it??


  1. Nice to read. Great for sharing about home improvement project. Thank you. Weathered Wood Cleaner

  2. we love you guys equally the same ... no favs there. you both are super great. what a cute chick-a-dee ... they are my fav bird ever. ( :

  3. Very nice! We've got some at the feeders now, but they don't sit still long. Glad the repairs and improvements are complete! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. I am so glad you are mostly finished. You and the hubs are perfect for each, equally liked. :-)

  5. Love the hints of blue in this little birdie... his feet, some of his feathers. I've got a black scarf on today - with 'hint of blue' dragon flies on the combo. And tell the birthday boy....he's a close second. Which considering how much we love you is pretty darn good!

  6. Well, I would have to say that I'm a bit partial to you, Debbie. :-) But your hubby is a sweetie!

    I love little chickadees. They are so compact and little, and so darned cute!

  7. Lovely post again....... i like it !

    greetings from Holland, Joop

  8. What a sweetie, lovely shots Debbie!

  9. What a sweet photo model :)
    Greetings !

  10. sweet little doll. be safe today! :)

  11. Cute little birds. Take your time with the putting back together. Your hubbie is a sweet one, so of course he's become one of our "imaginary friends!" Get packed and get to NYC. Stay safe.

  12. Debbie, both are loved!
    Lovely bird.

  13. You are the definite favourite here. :) keep on posting those great pictures.

  14. Cute shots of your chickadee! Glad your home improvement is done and you can relax some! If you are traveling on the holiday, I wish you safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Phew to home improvements being completed!! :))
    Such lovely pictures Debbie, you are good at them.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day :))

  16. Nan it's not true but please don't tell the birthday boy.. we wouldn't want to hurt his feelings :)

    Your house look fabulous.
    Take care and don't work to hard. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Debbie.

  17. Great shots of the little cutie!

  18. A perfect perched. The bird is beautiful.
    A kiss from Béjar. Salamanca.España

  19. The pipes facintated me!

    Great pictures!