Monday, February 4, 2013

My Very Special Barn Charm #59

Today I am sharing my very special
Barn Charm experience with you.
I am not sure where my love for barns comes from.
I am not able to drive by a farm or barn
without stopping and hoping out of the car.
This beauty in Farmingdale, New Jersey,
built in the 1800's was no different.
The hubs stopped and within seconds, I was out of the car
and "clicking" away.
I instantly heard "can I help you"??
Crap, I thought "busted"!!
But Jim was a sweetheart and he feel in love with my story.
He invited me in and offered me a tour.
I wet my pants (hehe, just a little) and was hoping he didn't notice.
Here's a picture of the side of the barn.
Here's what I saw when I walked through the door.
The horse stalls.
Way up, center, is a Hay Hoff, for pulling bales of hay.
I envisioned a young helper pulling that wagon,
filled with hay.
Jim was so proud to explain to me about the "all peg" construction,
which you can see better in this close up.
Probably built by the Amish people, he is doing everything
he can to preserve the integrity of the barn.
This was just so beautiful, I think you had to see it,
to be there in person to appreciate what I saw.
It's a real working barn, how cool is that!
All the horses were out in the field!
I loved all the rusty old tools.
I loved the straw for sale sign.
As I left, Jim said, come back anytime, I have lots more to show you.
He also mentioned that the fields out back are loaded with deer at night.
I wonder how much he would charge me for one of the horse stalls?
Sounds like somewhere I would love to live!!

Sharing today with Tricia at Barn Charm
Please stop by Bluff Area Daily to see all the amazing,
charming barns from all around the world.


  1. i love you too pieces - you lucky chickie you ... how great is that. what a wonderful never forget moment. i love it so!! glad you got all the pics. i never would have thought what could & would be inside. so awesome! the big question is ... will you go back? & if you do ...what will you see next? so perfect. have a great week. big big hugs. ( :

  2. How great you got a personal tour! SOmetimes it's cool to "get busted" :)

  3. You lucked out kiddo! Great shots.

  4. From the outside, inconspicuous ...
    Inside, beautiful, wonderful.
    Fantastic post.
    Debbie, I wish you a nice week.
    I send greetings.

  5. A personal cool is that? Wonderful shots of this neat old barn!

  6. Wow Debbie, how wonderful for you. He sounds like a real gem. You got some great pictures of that lovely barn. :)

  7. This is a super post Debbie, how wonderful that you met such a kind man as Jim. Your pictures show a lot of beauty in that old barn, inside and out. What an adventure!

  8. WOW I could actually picture you curled up in a blanket sleeping in that horse stall with a HUGE smile on your face.
    I love this Jim guy what a nice man I also love his barn and how he is preserving it. Hugs B

  9. I think it's wonderful that a great old barn like is still be used...He sounded like a really nice guy that was anxious to show you his treasure. Obviously, you had a good time and got some wonderful shots...You go girl....

  10. You really lucked out there girl! How fun to have your own personal tour of that great old barn. I hope you go back to see what else he has to show you.

  11. i'm surprised he didn't make you muck stalls for the visit. :)

  12. That is one awesome old barn! Very nice of him to give you a personal tour! The peg construction rather than nails is very cool. You took some really nice photos!

  13. You are so funny, I was thinking you were doing your trespass thing again. How nice, you got your very own tour. Loved the photos and the barn.

  14. Nie widziałam jeszcze tak zadbanej i ciekawej stodoły. Pozdrawiam.
    I have not seen yet so neat and interesting barn. Yours.

  15. Lucky you great shots with a great story to boot.

  16. Hi Debbie...Fabulous post..I love every bit of it thanks to Jim!!
    Very nice of him..thanks for the photos and the story !!
    Did you really pee in your panties??
    Why for shame lol ; )


  17. How fun that he hangs artwork in his barn.

  18. Better than winning the lottery!!! A barn with loads of charm, and art work on the wall, what a find!!! Your red sea glass of barns!!!

  19. You are so funny... maybe I wouldn't take you with me...if you are always peeing your pants:)) Wonderful barn and great pictures!!

  20. Wow, great pictures and a tour... Lucky you!

  21. What a treat! Great place...thanks for sharing it!

  22. What a treat!!! As I looked at your pictures, I could smell the inside of that barn. I bet it scared you when you first heard "Jim's" voice! Glad it had a good outcome. Thanks for sharing with us!

  23. Hey your trespassing finally paid off big-time! Yay!

    ...and I know what you did. And I love you for it. xo

  24. Oh what a fun post. I love that you got to take a tour. You must go back for field pictures. Someday I will have my own farm and I will rent you a stall :)

  25. Oh, Debbie, what a wonderful experience...just goes to show there are some really nice people left. And I totally enjoyed all these shots.

  26. Wow, what a wonderful barn picture and I loved the pictures of the inside of the barn. I do believe that farmers love their barns. I grew up with my farmer father and I have always loved barns and ranch pictures. I am really a cowgirl at heart.
    Blessings on this one!

  27. Well I'm jealous- you sure lucked out getting a tour of the inside. Oh, the history!

  28. Wow!
    I LOVE that old post construction.. truly amazing. And the decor inside.. what fun!
    I'm the same way with driving by old barns & buildings.. I can't NOT stop.
    Finding you through "Barn Charm"..
    I shared some of the places that drew me off the beaten path when exploring in North Dakota.

  29. What a kind guy!! If he works so hard to keep the place up, I am sure he was glad to show it to an appreciative audience!! Have you sent him a couple of photos? I have never seen a barn with art on the wall before, but I guess he spends a certain amount of time there!

  30. Only you would this happen to! Great photos girlfriend!

  31. Whoa! Debbie, I'm running so late this week w/ visits, but I'm so glad I made it to this one! All pegs? No nails? Amazing, truly amazing! The Amish know how to do it, don't they! I'm so glad you got to see the inside... & share it w/ us, too.
    Thank you very much for linking up this post & can't wait to see more if you get to go back =)

  32. I 2nd what Kathy said... sometimes it's cool to get busted!

    but still, beeeee careful out there =0
    glad your husband goes with