Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Easter Tree

This has been up and decorated for weeks.
has asked me several times to post pictures of it!

It looks better in real life, come and see for yourself!!

A close up of the top!!
I made the egg ornaments, on either side.
They have cute little bunnies in them,
see I am crafty!!

 Close up of the bottom.

After Easter it will be transformed for the summer.
It will be red, white and blue for all the patriotic holidays
that summer holds!!



  1. It looks wonderful, Debbie. All feels right in the world now.

  2. I LOVE it!!!! Absolutely LOVE it!!! Please share as it changes with the seasons!

  3. oh, it is so cute!! i love it. so colorful! so springy for easter. (:

  4. Now girl you are just too much....I love your Easter tree and I love the idea of decorating it for different occasions....I think I feel a copy coming on.....

  5. Deb it is lovely. Overhere Easteren is not a kind of celebrating thing. Overhere people are decorating cuttings of the curling willowbranches and have a brunch together with family or friends.

  6. Yay. You took pictures and posted them. It is so stinking cute. Love it. Love all the different decorations. Now we need a tutorial on how you made the easter eggs with bunnies in them.
    Thank you for sharing. I won't bug you anymore till next season. LOL.

  7. Oh that is the cutest thing!!!!!

    The "tree" itself, is so pretty. And when you decorate it, it's stunning.

    And I see some more goodies, in the cabinet... Shelves... :-)

    Oh please be sure to show us your Patriotic Tree, soon as you do it!

    -pout- Wish I was a little more crafty. Not crafty exactly. Wish I had more imagination, and could *see* that Tree, all decorated. And then do it. :-)

  8. Debbie, that is so cute I love all of the little bunnies.
    It's a great idea.
    Had to laugh at Texwisgirl's comment though :))

  9. Too cute! I love it
    I'm going to do my summer tree in red, white and blue too :)

  10. Oh, my granddaughter would love this!

  11. I'm still waiting for the flip-flop tree!!!

  12. Oh, those are really so cute! You are so crafty!

  13. How fun -- love the Mickey "ornament." :)