Friday, March 9, 2012

Getting My "Mojo" Back...

Have you ever used that expression?
I'm trying to get my "mojo" back.
I have, but I wasn't sure exactly what that meant.

So I looked it up the old fashioned way...Webster's Dictionary.
No such word as mojo!!

Google did provide the Urban meaning.
The word originally meant a charm or a spell,
but now it's more common use means sex appeal or talent.

Wikipedia defines "mojo" as a magical charm bag used in voodoo,
which has transmuted into a slang word for self confidence,
self esteem or sex appeal.

Close, but no cigar.

If I had to try to define what I'm feeling,
I'm looking for my creativity, my spirit, my joy!!

I'm feeling a little like these Hydrangea flowers from last summer,
old, tired, faded and spent.

I need to get my "mojo" back, I hope it happens soon!!


  1. i sure have missed you ... i've heard the saying many a time... not sure when it became popular. hope you get your mojo back really soon. take care. (:

  2. I never really knew what that saying meant either! Hope you start feeling like your creative self again soon!!!

  3. we do, too, sweetheart! we've so missed your spirit! :) but take time and get rest!

  4. Hey Deb,
    You did your first step. I hope very soon you get back your mojo. Take care.
    gr. Marijke

  5. All that matters is you just get better, I have missed you and your warm happy self, but you are coming back. I am so glad you posted as you have been on my mind and my heart for days, I have been praying for you.
    I have missed you so much.

  6. I still see a lot of beauty in those hydrangeas Debbie!

    Rest up, hope you feel better soon.

  7. Hi Debbie :)
    I've missed you, I've been visiting you blog to see if you had posted.
    Sorry to hear your feeling great yet. You take your time and get well. Just know that I am thinking of you just like all your other blogging buddies.

  8. You have to watch Austin Powers. Austin lost his mojo and Dr. Evil carried it around in a tube. It might cheer you up. Glad to see you posting again, sorry to hear you aren't back to 100% yet.

  9. I too hope you are soon back to feeling fine. You are in my prayers.

  10. Good gracious Dear One, what have you very recently been through??? Stress. Followed by a bad, bad bout of Shingles, which is a viral disease. In hospital, twice.

    Come now. Think about it. Why would your body not be tired? It had a lot to do, to fight off that disease. And stress can tire the mind too. Lead to not feeling all perky or full of vim-and-vigor, etc.


    So... Stop... Think... Consider... Why would you not feel kinda down and pooped-out??? You are human, after all.

    But... Am I saying to just lie around, and feel rotten? No, of course not.

    Push yourself (a wee bit) to find something to get excited about. To have fun doing. Not a big project. Just something that sounds like *play.* :-)

    But, meantime, please don't kinda' beat yourself up, because you are still tired, after an illness.


    Pretty please...

    Pretty please with sugar on it... :-))))

    Lots and lots of gentle hugs,

  11. My dear, sweet Debbie: How I miss you. Each and every day. I feel like I've lost a HUGE piece of joy. That being said, I want you to be well so I will rest fine IF I know you are healing. Once that happens, your youthful, joyful spirit will return. With abundance! *HUGS*

  12. hey ~ start with personal stuff...scrapbook pages for you, a few photos here and there. Don't feel like you have to answer all (or any) of us who comment. Public 'mojo' is a lot harder to come by that personal my lil ol humble opinion! Decorate your tree for spring. Listen to your birdies...Doing the little things for yourself will feed your spirit. We're all here ~ take your time. HUGS from me!

  13. It will take time, the human body doesn't bounce back from the trauma you have endured lately all that quickly. I know you want to feel better right now, but with patience you will. I promise!

  14. I totally know how you feel!!! I hope that you get it back soon too! It's wonderful when you do!! Hope to see you soon!

  15. Just give it and yourself some time, my Friend.
    It sounds like you were very sick, and it's just going to take some time. Be good to you!

    Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  16. Old, tired, spent, but still beautiful!

    I use "mojo" to mean gift or talent, the magic or creativity that makes wonderful things happen in the area of a person's expertise. I hope you get yours back soon!

  17. Hmmm... Let me think. Here we have "mojo canario", which is delicious sauce containing many flavors and herbs, irresistible and spicy :)) Sounds familiar? :D
    Glad You are back!

  18. I've missed your blog, the last few days. Hurry Mojo come back soon, Debbie needs you!!

  19. Hey Debbie. I'm sorry you are still feeling yucky. That is what I tell my kids (23 and 20) when they are not behaving very nicely. LOl.
    Shingles really is a terrible thing to have. I have known several people to have it and it is not a fun thing. Atleast you have not lost your sense of humor.
    Hope to see your beautiful pictures soon, or as you said in your post, hope to see you get your MOJO back.

  20. beautiful is coming I can feel it.

  21. I'm so sorry you're still under the weather...hope your Mojo returns soon. Austin powers had his Mojo stolen

  22. Well I hope you find it soon because I miss you and your gorgeous pictures.....

    Look everywhere and claim it girlfriend...we want you back....

  23. I know where you are coming from. It just takes time. You have to take baby steps. So in the mean time try a good book that always seems to help.Takes you places without leaving the house :)

  24. Ahhhhh, spring is prime "Mojo Season" :)

  25. {{{Debbie}}} Great to see you back here -- I was worried about you.

    Lovely hydrangea -- I don't think you ever lost your mojo -- it just got a little crumpled. ;)

  26. It will, Debbie! You're still recovering from a serious illness.
    Take care - it will come.
    Glad to see you back!

  27. Hi Debbie, I have been missing and worried about you. I hope you are feeling better and get your MOJO back soon. Take care and have a great weekend!

  28. Well put Deb. We all know what you're looking for & are sure you'll find it. Very heartfelt post and wonderful photo. xo

  29. They may be old, tired and spent but they are still beautiful. Hope your mojo is back soon.

  30. I sure have missed you. Took a ride to Pier Village today and
    as I was watching the beautiful
    ocean, I thought of you. Feel better soon!

  31. I learned something knew today and I have felt like you many times before.

  32. I detect a hint of your mojo already!! :D)xx