Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Egg Tree.......

I made this super simple egg tree yesterday as the centerpiece for my Easter dinner table. I think I am going to get some fresh carrots, with lot's of leafy green stems to place around it. For now, I have it on the kitchen table, I will move it into the dining room for Easter dinner. 

I needed 3 bags of jelly beans, plastic eggs (they come with holes for threading them)
1 interesting clear glass vase, and some sticks/twigs from the yard.
Everything I used, I had on hand, except for the jelly beans, $ 2.00 per bag = $ 6.00.

I covered the base of the branch with saran wrap so we could eat the jelly beans after.

Fill the vase with jelly beans....stick your branch in, thread and hang your eggs, and....

you have a cute little egg tree.....

on the kitchen table, with my & 1.00 placemats from The Christmas Tree Shop!!!!
I think it looks lovely!!!!

and since we are "doin" eastery things.....
let's get one last look at my Easter Tree!!!!

I am really looking forward to Easter as both of my boys will be here. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday with loved ones!!!


  1. sweet - i'd be snatching 'hors d' evours' (or however you spell that) from the center of the table...

  2. What a cute center piece!! I love it & those cute circle place mats too :) I could just see my girls sneaking around that tree to get to those jelly beans!! Super cute :)