Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventures at Sandy Hook!!!!!

We had the best day ever yesterday in Sandy Hook, NJ. We went to fly "the kite" and never got to it, there was so much to do.....what an exciting day. Wait till you see these pictures!!!!!!

Yesterday......we really discovered Sandy Hook!!!!!

we rode the bikes.......
they have amazing dedicated bike paths!!!

a quick stop on the bike path allowed us to get this great shot!!

we searched for shells and sea glass.....
I will note that there were some amazing finds....
and don't miss that huge boat on the horizon!!

I love this beach shot...

Can you believe we spotted this beautiful seal sunbathing on the rocks!!!
We spent an hour talking to this guy
and you better believe he knew we were there!!

this little American Oystercatcher was adorable....
and boy can he run......
I chased him FOREVER to get this blurry shot!!!!
and don't miss that "carrot nose" it was soooo unusual!!

Chuck insisted on shots in front of this cannon...

I have no idea what I am doing here.....
but this was "my" cannon shot!!


  1. Hello from another NJ'er! Just found your blog and look forward to following along. Some day my wife and I vow we will move to the Jersey Shore.

  2. You are so silly! You're about to get your head blown off! :)

    I just love the photos you take of yourselves - always smiling and exhuberant! That seal is fantastic! I'd have spent a while chatting with him too! :)

  3. What an energetic trip! Looks like you both have all the fun:)))

  4. thanks everyone for the comments. welcome john, so happy to see you. i left you a message at your place, which btw, i loved!!!!