Saturday, May 4, 2019

Saturday Critters ~ 281 ~

Things are really picking up around here at the bird feeders and I could not be happier!
In the last week, 
activity seems to be back to normal and I even had a new visitor...

A Male Red-Winged Blackbird 
I have never seen one at my feeders before and I was so excited to get pictures.
I thought this was a one time visit, but after seeing it on Thursday,
it came back on Friday!

He stayed for quite a while, walking all around the perimeter of the deck!
Note to self...we really need a new deck!

It was very vocal while it was here...
I found this great video of this beautiful bird and it's harsh call on YouTube that you can view here.

According to what I have read, this bird is common, widespread and a very familiar bird.
I do see this bird often in the area when I am out and about but never at the feeders.
I have been laying black oil sunflower seeds on the deck rails in hopes he will come back...
and maybe I will get a look at his girlfriend!

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  1. It id an extremely common bird, Debbie, and is known to be a patron of birds feeders, generally not too far from its favoured marshland habitat, however. I had a male and female at my feeders yesterday. This is a polygynous species, meaning that the male has multiple mates in his "harem."

  2. I wonder what nature's reason is for that little spot of color!

    1. the spot of colors is to attract the females, it is why the boys are always prettier than the girls!

  3. Love those birds. The female is brown and looks so different from her counterpart

  4. Congrats! Beautiful photos! They've been hanging around our property and feeders since late winter.

  5. They are beautiful and have such a musical tune. We see them a lot at the ponds but never at our feeders! What a fun sighting!

  6. Happy you were able to get up close and personal with this pretty bird.

  7. Hello, the male Redwing Blackbird is pretty. I seen them once in awhile at my feeders, not often. Your photos are wonderful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.

  8. For a black bird, the colour on the wing makes it really stand out.

  9. I love their call. Always know it is Spring when they return.

  10. Glad this is another new bird for you at your feeders. I am sure he will be back.

  11. oh that blackbird is a handsome one!!

  12. Wow, you got some great shots of this new visitor to your back yard. I don't think I have ever seen a photo of a Red Winged Blackbird. I guess I'm courious to know what a female would look like. I think I will look it up. Thanks for the YouTube video too.
    Sending happy thoughts and hugs!

  13. I bet the black oil sunflower seeds will keep him coming back!

  14. Beautiful photographs of the Male Red-Winged Blackbird …

    All the best Jan