Friday, August 11, 2017

Container Gardening...

I love my little container garden...
it doesn't take long to water, I don't get any weeds, 
and the animals in the yard don't bother with it
 - I don't know why -
I water it most days, but if I don't get outside early, the hubs does it.
We both enjoy watering it and watching it grow,
waiting and watching for all the little surprises it brings.
When the time comes,
it feels good to go outside and pick some tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers,
come indoors and make a fresh salad, you can't get any fresher than that.

This is it, I also have one summer squash that is planted in the ground.

5 vegetable plants and one pot of herbs on the end.


- we have a lot of little ones -

Tomato Plants

- everything is still green, but there are a lot coming -


- there must be 25 cucumbers on this plant, it won't be long now -

The markets in my area have amazing produce that they grow themselves.
There are plenty of them and their prices are good.
But there is something about growing it yourself...starting with a seed,
fast forward to eating a homegrown tomato or cucumber,
there's nothing like it.

So what about you guys, have you planted a summer vegetable garden?
Is it starting to bare fruit?


  1. An easy way to garden for sure, Debbie! We only did containers too...makes it so much easier..:)JP

  2. Love this. What a great idea!

  3. We have been eating from the garden for some time. tomatoes aren't ripe yet but turning the lighter colour they get before the red begins to appear. Soon it will be preserving time, salsa and pickles for sure. Enjoy, Debbie.

  4. Your planter garden looks wonderful Debbie, lovely to be eating your home-home grown produce. I had wondered about the animals here if they would eat what is growing in pots, but your post has given me hope that I can try this some time. Have a great weekend :)

  5. Hello Debbie, your container gardens looks great. I wish I had planted tomatoes this year, we only have some mint growing. It is great to be able to go outside and pick your own fresh veggies for salads. YUM! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. You know I never realized cucumbers grew like that. I always assumed it laid on a vine on the ground, kind of like a watermelon

  7. boy tinkles on every pot on my porch

  8. Your plants certainly look so well cared for and healthy. So nice to have fresh produce on your doorstep.
    Have a magical weekend :)

  9. Hello Debbie!:) We grow all our vegetables on the farm, so I have never tried growing produce in pots, if we did, I think that our dog Pintas would tinkle on them too, as he already does it on my large outside urns. It looks like you will be getting a good yield from yours Debbie.

  10. Good work, and I k now it's work. I gave up on veggies this year.

  11. The most amazing part of your container garden is, you don't get weeds!!!!! How come??? Do you mulch around the little plants, on planting? And be sure, they stay mulched?

    I love your idea! And you have the perfect place to do it. Your great back porch or deck or whatever. Easy to water. Easy to check on. Easy to harvest from. Perfection!!!!!!

    We don't grow our own veggies, even tomatoes, any more. It got to be too much work for him. As far as I was concerned. And he has stopped. The only place, was down by the back fence. Which should be a perfect spot. But next door binder vine, ruined there, for us.

    I have spent summer, fighting it. He has to fight it, to garden. We finally gave up. Not worth the effort/frustration. Which takes a toll of we Old Folks. :-)

    If we got a big container.... Put it on the patio.... Planted just tomatoes...... If.... -smile- It could be doable!

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  12. Next question....

    Does your husband have to put the containers, inside some where, in winter? Will they crack, over time, from winter weather, if he does not?

    1. i don't know why i don't get weeds, the pots are not mulched. we use miracle grow soil and change it or at least some of it, every year or so. we have a covered area, outside, back by our garage - we over winter the pots there and we have never had a problem. and what really surprises me is the squirrels and such don't touch the tomatoes. once in a while, something eats one or two, but for the most part, i loose nothing. it's really strange because we have raccoons, moles, squirrels, bunnies, a whole zoo of yard animals!

      it would be super easy to do one pot of tomatoes, placing it in the sun, by your flowers. then you could water everything at the same time. i start with seeds but most nurseries sell them potted and will place it in your car for you!!!

  13. It all looks so nice Debbie. My garden is about finished except for the tomatoes. I just love seeing your garden.
    Did you plant any egg plant this year? I didn't and I sure miss it.

  14. Looks wonderful. No vegetables planted at my place. I am one of the people who support the market gardens, or is it just that I'm too lazy to plant a garden? I think it may be the latter.

  15. I love veggie gardening, but of course, can't do it anymore. You gave me an idea--next spring I will plant veggies in my porch pots and containers that sit in front of the house. If I wanted color, a couple of Impatiens planted in front of the tomato plant would brighten it up and since I can't get any Morning Glories to bloom on my trellis, I could grow cucumbers--which I love. Thanks for the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I think this is the best way to garden. Weeds are the work of the devil! lol

  17. Your containers look like they are doing amazing!! Farmer's Markets for me -- but years ago we used to grow big gardens, can and freeze stuff .... (4 kids -- 'nuff said)! I enjoyed it at the time and wouldn't have missed it all for the world, but was never successful at paring down. When our garden constantly produced way more than we could eat because it was just two of us I gave it up -- containers would be great though, especially for tomatoes -- you really can tell the difference on those. I dont think I knew about them back then .

  18. Those sure look like some healthy plants!

  19. It looks like everything is coming along quite lovely, I am with you it is so fun to see them grow and like me I use a lot of green peppers so I just freeze them and have them all fall, winter and spring too :) I did a post on our first pick of the season, I had some huge peppers, really weighed down the plants :)

  20. Container garden is the way to go...I even have a lot of containers in my regular garden. Looks beautiful and looks like they are all doing so good.

  21. Awesome, Debbie. I always enjoy seeing your container garden! :)

    Not much of anything here 'cause of the grasshoppers. ugh


  22. While we don't do veggies, most of our flower containers are not doing well this year. I think in effect the flowers are drowning.

  23. Your garden is looking great! Nice job!

  24. You are my inspiration for doing container gardening. We did plant two tomato plants and two pepper plants. I'm afraid they don't look as good as yours. I do love watching them grow and next year we will expand these efforts.
    Blessings for sharing your love for gardening; it has rubbed off on me. Hugs~

  25. What healthy looking plants ...
    Looking good!

    All the best Jan