Thursday, November 10, 2016

Good Fences ~ Edition 138 ~

Allaire State Park 
was included in this past weekends fun...making "Sunday ~ Fun Day".
We visit here all the time, but Sunday's visit felt different.
Maybe because we could feel Fall in the air...
perhaps it was the sound of the crisp leaves crunching beneath our feet.
There was something different about this visit, something that felt really special.

is home to this beautiful church...
open for anyone who would like to get married here.
As a young girl, I dreamed of getting married in this church but my family would not allow it.

More tomorrow!
This is one of my sister Kathy's favorite places to visit.
I wish you were here with us, to enjoy this glorious day!

Sharing today with my good friend 
Theresa at The Run*A*Round Ranch for Good Fences 


  1. Nice photos Debbie. Great work in capturing the the scenic beauty.

  2. Belas fotografias com as cores do Outono e gostei de ver os meus amigos.
    Um abraço e continuação de boa semana.

  3. This is a gorgeous place to visit and fall seems to be the perfect time to plan a visit! The fences are fab and the buildings and paths in the forest just dreamy!
    Thanks for taking us along!

  4. A lovely place to walk and enjoy nature. Your photos of the autumn color are very nice.

  5. Hello Debbie, It is a beautiful place to visit. I love the fall trees and the last shot of you and the hubs. Great fence shots. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  6. Oh yes - I can picture a country wedding there! This looks like a beautiful place to visit - and vet special in the Fall!

  7. i love all the fence shots ... really ties it all nicely up with a bow. perfect fall views. happy times. ( ;

  8. Now, you have my curiousity peaked, girl. Why wouldn't your family let you get married in that beautiful old church. But, then curiousity killed the cat, did it not so I won't ask for real. Such a pretty place. Loved the pictures. you have a great day!!

  9. Boy, those colors snap. Gorgeous shots. Love that blue sky supporting the autumn colors in the first shot.

  10. Hello Debbie!
    Autumn and fences on the pictures are wonderful.
    I'm thrilled. I am in love with them.
    Kisses and greetings from Poland.

  11. Beautiful spot... beautiful buildings and it really look like fall!!

  12. What a beautiful place this is, Debbie!
    I love all of the winding paths with the leaves on the ground.
    Perfect autumn photographs.
    Happy day to you, my friend.

  13. Oh my gosh you both go to the best places, what history and beauty in one place!

  14. Lovely scenic photos and delightful fence shots ~ thanks,
    Wishing you a peaceful week ~ ^_^

  15. As always - as beautiful as each and every photo is - my favorite is teh last one of you two!

  16. So very beautiful, Debbie. However, I'm sorry you weren't able to be married in that sweet church. It reminds me of the one I grew up in.


  17. Looks absolutely gorgeous.I would love strolling down those paths.

  18. I can fully understand why you wanted to marry in that church, Debbie!...:)JP

  19. Such a nice post Debbie.
    I absolutely love the sound of crisp leaves crunching beneath my feet, and your photo's show such a lovely place, that I can almost imagine I was there!
    I can fully appreciate why it was one of Kathy's favorite places ...
    That is a lovely photo of you and hubs.

    Take care, my good wishes

    All the best Jan

  20. really gorgeous, debbie. thank you.

  21. what a beautiful place. love all the fences and the buildings. The first image is a wall hanger...gorgeous.

  22. That first photo is just gorgeous. Frame-worthy!

  23. Oh these photos are spectacular and it looks like such a fantastic fall day. I love all the fences and building and especially the one of the church. It looks like such a lovely place to visit. My favorite photo of all is you two looking so blissfully happy! Blessings for you both~

  24. Beautiful place! I remember some of the buildings from previous visits. The church photo is gorgeous!

  25. What a lovely show of fall! Thank you.

  26. Debbie this were so very lovely. All that Autumn foliage and such great looking fences and buildings. I can see why you enjoy visiting.

  27. Lots of nice fences, and trails calling my name! Love the shot of you with your leaf bouquet. That is a lovely church.