Thursday, September 29, 2016

Good Fences ~ Edition 132 ~

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend was... 

National Alpaca Farm Days

The hubs and I went on Sunday for a few hours and we I had a blast.
The family does an amazing job preparing the farm for this very special event,
and it is evident all around you that everyone enjoys it!

The fun starts right as you approach the farm!!

Under the tent...

there are free apples, snacks and shade...they also have free water and hot dogs with the works.

Lot's of beautiful hand made items are displayed.

And of course there are the stars of the event...The Alpaca.

This is baby Marlyse born just 2 days earlier.

These shelters, maybe 7 or 8, are all around the farm.

Getting a drink from the sprinkler.

Here I am with Dee, enjoying one of the Alpaca up close and personal.
And for the record, the little blonde girl, I did NOT push her hard to get her out of my way, 

I love this truck!

The blurred fence...

There are fences everywhere but it is hard to take note of them 
with these sweet faces all around you. 
Aren't they just the most beautiful animals?
This is indeed my happy place!

Sharing today's fence images with my good friend


  1. OHHH but I want to cuddle baby Marlyse! Great photos of your visit, Debbie, the farm is wonderful!

  2. Hello Debbie!:) What a fun day out, and what delightful images of the Alpacas. The baby is adorable, but they all have such sweet faces, and I love their cuddly soft looking fleeces. I would be there every day, if I lived near the farm, which by the way looks spic and span, a credit to the owners who also show great hospitality.

  3. I know you hate going there.

    (I love that truck too)

  4. They do have some of the sweetest faces. That baby alpaca is adorable! I can't believe she's only two days old. And I would have pushed that kid out of the way too. ;-)

  5. Such a fun day! I can imagine the owners have a lot of work to keep everything going.

    I spotted a little purple bag. LOL


  6. Hello, Debbie! What a great event. I would be there too, if I lived close. The alpacas are so darn cute, I want to hug them! wonderful photos and tour of the alpaca farm. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  7. Oh, what a fun day! The baby...oh, be still my heart! So much sweetness :)

    Hugs to you, Debbie!

  8. A fun day indeed! Would love to join in too if I live there. The Alpacas are so cute and adorable!

  9. Would love to do that...they are so clean looking and love the picture of you petting one.

  10. Your smile says it all :) Those alpacas are gorgeous and it must be wonderful to have a fluffy cuddle with them.
    Looks like a brilliant day and such a lovely blue sky.
    Little baby Marlyse looks so cute, two days old, amazing.
    Have a great Thursday :)

  11. What fun! Alpacas are beautiful animals with their sweet faces and long eyelashes!

  12. Actually the Alpacas are cute!!!... Glad you didn't push that little girl hard!!! hehe I can tell you love it there!!.... Love all those knitting items too!!

  13. I'm so happy you had fun. We LOVE it when you visit!!!!!!!!! You mean the world to us all. And of course, your photos are gorgeous.

  14. What a fun event. Those Alpacas just are so darling and cute. Awesome shots & I loved seeing you petting them as well. Also loved the shot of the one getting a drink from the sprinkler. Good fences and good times.

  15. The fences are good, but the Alpaca are just GREAT!
    What a fun day you had, lovely photo's

    All the best Jan

  16. you made me laugh about the little girl. :) they are cute critters and a really nice family business they share, too.

  17. Aren't they adorable and give us good fleece to be spun into yarn. :-)

  18. Looks like a well managed alpaca farm!

  19. Hei - those alpacas are so gorgeous.
    I`m glad you didn`t push that girl - hahahha - you made me laugh.
    Ha en god fredag og helg.

  20. They are so sweet! We have quite a few on farms around here, too!

  21. These are such beautiful animals. This farm looks so wonderful. I love that they do this and provide free food too. I really liked the handiworked. I liked your up front and personal photo. Blessings and hugs~