Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Seriously Mum, What's An Alpaca?!

I love to knit, if you follow me here, you know how much I adore knitting.
If I am not knitting, I am thinking about it.
I love the way the yarn feels as it slides through my fingers...
I love the sound the needles make as they are guided by my hands.

It calms me, relaxes just makes me feel good,
really good.
Perhaps the way I feel when I am knitting cannot be described with words.

Well...that was pretty deep for me, but it is what I am feeling
as I try to type this post.

I worked on my Blue Donnie's Hat this week,
I am only a few rows from the finish line...
but I just didn't make it for todays entry.

Look closely here and knitters will be able to see,
that I don't really know how to cast on.
Leanne taught me, she is a wonderful teacher...
but then I went home and invented this.
We call it the "Purple Debbie Cast On"!! hehehe, 
one day I will learn the right way.

So some fun stuff happened this week...

I purchased 2 books and I am going to give reading another try. 

This is a great book for me to start with, it's not too deep,
and I can easily forget what I am reading and still stay on track.
It's about a family that gives up everything,
and moves to Spain to raise Alpaca...
a subject that deeply interests me.

I got this...YaY, so far so good...not as scary as I thought.

And one last super fun thing this past weekend, we had an open knit at the farm.
Three hours of knitting with friends,
talking, laughing and knitting at "The Coop" what could be more fun.

I did not take one picture but if you would like to read about it,
Leanne posted all the dirty details on her blog
Arrow Acres Farm

I am joining Ginny at Small Things 
Yarn Along


  1. When I was very much younger, I too love to knit. But now all my knitting books and needles are all packed into a box in my store room. I don't know when I will find the time to knit again.

  2. Hello Debbie, your hat is pretty, I love the color too. The story sounds interesting, I love the cute alpacas. Congrats on your new MAC. I know you will enjoy using it. Have a happy day!

  3. so glad you have discovered this passion. :) purple debbie cast on. :)

  4. Makes such a difference if you have something you deeply enjoy.

  5. If you're enjoying it then it's perfect.

    My nephew has urged me to get a Mac.

  6. Perhaps I could learn purple Debbie cast on since I've forgotten the "real" way. :)


  7. There are so many different ways to cast on. Go with whatever works for you! I like that book - sounds like a good one for me too.

  8. I love the hat, but I know nothing about knitting. The only "cast on" I know is the one put on a broken bone. But I think it's great that you love this this hobby. Also - I love the Macbook Pro. ;-)

  9. knitting and reading.... two of my favorite things, Debbie. I know you'll always enjoy your yarn time but hope that you enjoy printed word as well. Best always to a dear friend.

  10. I once took one of those Facebook quizzes that determined I should be an alpaca farmer in Oregon :). I'm afraid I'm too city for that, but the idea of it all is dreamy enough. Oh, how I love knitting as express what I'm sure are many knitter's sentiments beautifully.
    Love your hat and your cast on :).
    And I got a MacBook Air this very week as well. It's taken some getting used to, but I think I'm catching on.
    Visiting from Ginny's Yarn Along.
    Blessings on your week!

  11. What a fun post Debbie, love your knitting and love the book and definitely love your new Mac. Just color me envious ;)

  12. Oh Debbie
    Beautiful and very warm hat.

  13. Calms me, relaxes me....
    Yup. I get it.
    And my reading level might be right there with you too ;)

  14. As I may have told you, I knit very, very little!! But, the sound of those needles clicking together is one of the most comforting sounds I know! Love the hat! Hope you enjoy the book! I do love to read!!

  15. Point and reading are good companies, Debbie, relax and have fun ;)

  16. I wonder if I could learn to knit? I crochet and have been thinking about picking it up again. Your cap came out perfectly!...:)JP

  17. I love your knitting posts Debbie, I am so sorry I haven't been around to read and look at all of your photos. Soon very soon I will be back. I love reading about how much you love knitting. I hope your book is very good. It sounds really interesting to me too.

  18. I think the "Purple Debbie Cast On" of your Blue Donnie hat is wonderful. I am always surprised how so many knitters have so many methods of casting on. Seriously.....your Alpaca books looks like a lot of fun and a great read. What fun to chat, laugh and knit for three hours with friends....sounds like bliss.

  19. Your knitting conquests never fail to impress me. Enjoy the new computer - once you go MAC you never go back. :)

  20. I know exactly what you mean - crocheting does the same thing to me as knitting does to you :)
    That Blue Donnie's Hat is wonderful!
    The book sounds like a fun read and I just recently got my first MacBook Pro, too. I love it :) Have fun with it!
    Have a fabulous day, Debbie.

  21. My dear mum loved to knit and she made so many wonderful cardigans, jumpers and gloves ... to beautiful toys that as children and then her grandchildren could either wear or enjoy. Alas I never 'got on' with knitting - perhaps I may have to give it another try.

    You clearly enjoy it and have a great group and teacher - your blue hat looks great.

    That book looks a very heart-warming book, I'm sure you will enjoy the read.

    Happy Thursday Wishes

    All the best Jan

  22. i love the stuff alpaca ... that is too too cute. love your work Debbie. you keep using your creativity. so awesome! ( :

  23. That's a gorgeous hat and I love your alpaca!

  24. I really love the blue color of this awesome hat. I know how you feel about knitting. I feel that way about crocheting; but haven't been doing it for a very long time. I still have a baby blanket to do for one of newest great grandchild. It will probably have to be a blanket for a toddler instead of for a baby.
    I think the book you got sounds like a fun one. I like light reading at times. Blessings and hugs for you~

  25. Living the dream they say, well I add living our passions, it's what keeps us going! Smiles on, enjoy.

  26. You are so close on your hat, that is too funny that you invented your own way of casting on, hey as long as it works that is all that matters right. My friend taught her older daughter to crochet and when she showed her the next week what she had done the stitch was unrecognizable, she had made up her own stitch and it looked good :) That book sounds perfect for you, always good when you can find something that will interest you. I checked out her blog and it was so good to see your great smile and looking like you were having a wonderful time!! Have a great weekend!

  27. Love my MacBook Pro. I hope you will, too.