Sunday, September 20, 2015

Brielle Day!!

Every year, Brielle, a shore town close by home hosts 
"Brielle Day"

Homemade crafts, art, fun stuff for the little ones and
lots of's a wonderful festival with something for everyone.
We go almost every year, it is always held the Saturday 
after Labor Day, when all the tourists have gone for good.

 It was a cool, cloudy day, which was great for me,

 and although it looked crowded, it's a huge festival,
so walking around and enjoying it all was doable for me!

 Who remembers Sarsaparilla??

 This booth was probably my favorite.
Recycled china, I purchased an adorable bird feeder here for twenty dollars.

 Their Facebook page can be viewed here.

 This man's photography was gorgeous...
 he had this large sign displayed on the back side of his booth.

 I loved this was so very unusual.
Art B'Jeweled, her website can be viewed here.

 Beaded By The Beach was another favorite of mine...

 although I am not really a jewelry person, their products were very pretty,
and I loved the way they had them displayed.
Their website can be found here.

 Organic, natural soaps,

hand knitted items by Beach Girl Scarves,
and more homemade soap.

 Lot's of people... 

but see, lot's of room to comfortably walk around.

 This is the bird feeder I purchased, 
made from recycled china.
The jewels are beautiful, with colored roses inside.
The bottom plate is a pretty periwinkle purple.

I purchased two ankle bracelets from Elizabeth,
her website can be viewed here at  Jersey Girl Jewelry
She has made all of my ankle bracelets, I really love her work.

We also picked up some dried herb dip mixes.
Mixing the package contents with 
1 cup of mayonnaise and 1 cup of sour cream
makes a wonderful bowl of dip for dipping just about anything.
We use it for fresh vegetables.

And I picked up these adorable, handmade cards for 4 bucks each.
I don't know how people are able to create theses cards,
and sell them so inexpensively.
These were presented by Greetings By Jayne,
her facebook page can be found here.

I love my takes for the day!!

Brielle Day September 12, 2015


  1. Good morning, Denise. Brielle Day looks like a fun time. I like seeing all the arts and crafts, people are so talented. I love all your purchases, the bird feeder is cute. The ankle braclets are pretty. Your dip sounds yummy too. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. Looks like some nice stuff at that event!

  3. Looks like a nice market to wander around.


  4. Looks like a fun festival. I always enjoy them in the fall!

  5. looks like you had fun shopping among all the crafty, creative artists!

  6. That is my kind of place to visit!

  7. A great fun day out Debbie and you made good purchases

  8. Don't you just love seeing all the crafts, and the creativity! I do. You got some good things there, girl.

    What a beautiful day you guys had to meander.


  9. What a great way to spend a day, Debbie!
    I love those ankle bracelets.

  10. That looks like a lot of fun! I'd definitely be interested in the photography. Naturally! :-)

  11. What a fun day! I am so glad you took all of those pictures. Lots and lots of cute stuff. It looks like a very nice day. Your photography is better than that guys book. :) I loved the cards too.

  12. That does look like a fun place to be.

  13. My favorite is the bird feeder, It has 'Debbie' written all over it. And I just know your little birdie friends will love it too!!!

  14. Looks like a lovey time thanks for sharing the pictures loved them

  15. What fun! Thanks for sharing the websites also. It is always fun to see others creativity.

  16. A lovely way to spend a day. I love the bird feeder too.

  17. I wish they'd do that kind of thing in some of the towns around here. Maybe they do and I just don't keep up with the news.

  18. So, the guy who runs all our NY/NJ jobs lives in Brielle..... So cool to see this craft fair!! I love when people find cool, creative things to do by re-purposing stuff. Nice feeder!

  19. Oh my goodness now this looks so worth visiting! So many delightful goodies, and I just bet the photography of things washed up on shore is wonderful.

  20. Oh I love going to these arts and crafts festivals, and such a great variety of stuff to see too. Your bird feeder is so neat! I like how you have bought your ankle bracelets from the same lady and that boo card is just the cutest, love the layout and that cute banner :)

  21. Now, this looks a brilliant day ... and some great pictures!

    All the best Jan

  22. Wow, I loved all of your finds. I think this looks like a great place to browse through. I loved the china and your bird feeder is cute. The jewelry is lovely and unique. I especially liked the layout of the booth. So often they have them so close it makes it harder to look at everything. I enjoyed looking through all the awesome photos. Blessings and hugs!