Monday, February 9, 2015

Greetings From Asbury Park

So, as I mentioned yesterday, 
when the hubs and I were out and about on Saturday,
I did not want to go home and the hubs is very easy to trick.
Well, not really, he's on to me but I just needed an afternoon to
explore a fun and historic area, camera in hand.
You know...I needed blog material.

We drove through Ocean Grove, 
as there was a huge fire there on Friday.
Ocean Grove is one of my favorite towns at the shore,
and the fire was devastating for many businesses and homeowners.

 Next stop, The Paramount Theater in Asbury Park

 The older this building gets, the more beautiful it becomes.

 The world famous Wonder Bar

Bar, Grill & Beer Garden

 This restaurant opened on Saturday while we were visiting
and made it impossible to find a parking spot for taking pictures.
Normally, there is plenty of parking along this stretch of Wesley Lake
but I guess this is a new "hot spot restaurant" in Asbury.

I spotted these two love birds at Sunset Lake, 
and then I was ready to go home.

I also saw and photographed some Hooded Merganser
that was a first for me.
I'll share those pictures tomorrow!!


  1. My big brother used to take me on the merry-go-round in Asbury Park. Because of the concussion, I can't remember where the Original Stone Pony was. Did you go there? When I was 18, I dated a guy whose brother played in a band there. We'd go to The Inkwell and sit at their teeny-tiny tables. They had amazing fries. Did you go there?
    I think Junior would enjoy going to The Buttered Biscuit! The is the cutest squirrel ever. They would sure bend the rules for hum...

  2. Hello Debbie, I know you were happy to get out and about.. One can get cabin fever after being stuck inside too much :) The beer garden looks like an interesting place... I love the shots of the swans, they are so pretty. Have a happy Monday!

  3. that theater is a beautiful building!! i love the swans! did you notice the heart their heads and necks form?
    i looked at all your posts, and have to comment about the ugly fences in your back yard - you do of course plant vines like morning glory and such on them in the summer, right? one year, i even had a small pumpkin vine grow up the fence...

  4. Loved 'em all...but the love bird ending was special. Happy Monday to ya :)

  5. the swan shot is gorgeous! love that old theater! so very cool! and now, i want to polka...

  6. So glad you got to get out and enjoy! That old theater has such charm, and I love the swans forming that heart!

  7. Oh goodness they are making a heart-shaped-kiss! Looks like a beautiful day to be out hiking and sightseeing! Great photos/memories making too!

  8. The Wonder Bar looks awesome. I want to go in, but not by myself. Next time I'm in NJ I'm looking you up.

  9. It looks like a perfectly enchanting town.

  10. How fabulous, Debbie! Thanks for taking us along :) Love the sweet birds at the end....their necks formed a heart. Hugs!

  11. Wonderful photos Debbie, such interesting buildings and those swans, what a fabulous photo. Sorry to hear about the fire.

  12. Looks like such a fun outing! I love to look at old buildings. They have so much more character than their modern counterparts! Love those swans, they created such a sweet heart shape.

  13. Can't wait to see your Merganser photos!! The theater is such a cool looking building. Wonderful captures all around, especially the swans making a heart. :)

  14. I love that theater! Very cool! I can't imagine any woman tricking her husband. LOL! ;-)

  15. You know that I love taking trips with you; thanks for showing me more of your world.
    The pictures of the Swans is breathtaking; perfect for a graphic. Blessings, love and hugs for you!!

  16. What an unusual building is that first one!

  17. Oooh! I love the swans, Debbie! Fantastically beautiful shot! The theater is pretty magnificent as well.

    1. Sorry to hear about the fire! I hope the area will recover.

  18. Maureen above mentioned two more iconic spots for me - The Inkwell and The Stone Pony (was only in The Pony once, but that particular stub of a street was iconic for me, and even has at least two humorous stories connected to it ;) ... And Debbie, my friend - such fantastic pictures, as always - thank you, thank you!!! You have such a tremendously wonderful life partner there :)

  19. The theatre at Asbury Park is just gorgeous! I have never seen it before. You had an interesting drive. Love the photos!

  20. Ah now, this is what I get for not catching up properly ;D) I missed this lovely post. The beautiful theatre - a charming building, and I also love all the old signage on the buildings... they have style.
    Working my way down to those beautiful swans... yay, you do find such treasures Debbie - they're so sweet and graceful. Cheers! xx

  21. I adore the swans, what a great pose!