Saturday, October 12, 2013

Let's Go For a Walk...

here, at the reservoir.
The hubs and I love to ride our bikes.
This reservoir, located right in our town, does not allow bikes.
Two miles in length, it is a gorgeous, peacful place to walk.
The path is paved, nice and wide and the view is breathtaking.
Problem is, my ability to walk, due to MS, is very limited.
Here, if we get a good parking spot, I can make it to the path,
heck, if the spot is good enough, I can make it to the first bench.
So what's a girl to do...with a husband who loves to walk
and loves this path...
You have to let him go alone.
You sit on a bench
and enjoy watching him, enjoy the walk...
September 22, it was a beautiful day,
with just a hint of Autumn,
coming our way!!


  1. Your photos are just beautiful! I respect you for your adjusting to your health issues on a daily basis,and having to watch from the sidelines. God sometimes puts us in predicaments and we have to look for the blessings. I have days when it is easy to adjust and I have days when it is not. Please keep taking those photos, you are blessing my life with their beauty and being able to see a different place from a different point of view. Thank you Debbie!

  2. It's a lovely place for a walk. With a nice flat path like that, you could easily maneuver it with a wheelchair. Ya, I know those of us with MS hate the W word, but I use one when needed. That way I don't miss out on things I want to to.

  3. I agree with Karen -- sometimes we just have to bite that MS bullet and plunk our butt in a w/c. I keep my lightweight transport chair in the trunk, and my husband hauls it out for such rides. Your photos are beautiful as usual. Hope you're getting this lovely Saturday sun today!

  4. i have the feeling you don't mind watching him enjoy the walk. :)

    i love those grasses against the blue skies!!!

  5. Today's photos are so reflective of the fall season. Love them.

  6. Beautiful walk photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  7. Oh my friend you are awesome I know you can always find something wonderful to keep you occupied with a camera in hand. Love the pics you always make us smile:)HUGS B

  8. It's rare you find someplace that doesn't allow bikes. It's certainly a gorgeous view either way! I love the first and last photos!

  9. Beautiful photos! I so admire your positive outlook on life.

  10. It is just beautiful. I love how blue the water is.

  11. Even though you couldn't go for the walk you got some beautiful photos while sitting there!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  12. the winds look gorgeous. i bet it was a pretty day.

    you have a purple bike, right?

    i bet the both of you are just a perfect couple all together riding along. happy weekend to you Debbie. big big hugs. ( :

  13. So beautiful shots Debbie...a lovely day for a walk..

  14. Beautiful pictures with the last one taking top place in my eyes.

  15. Pretty scenes and images from your walk! Debbie,Happy Weekend!

  16. Good for you...being content is a wonderful character quality!

  17. This does look like a wonderful path to walk on and a wonderful place for sitting on a bench and enjoying the view. It's good that you can do your separate things and meet up again after!

  18. What a lovely place for a walk....

  19. °º✿✿°•.¸
    Bonitas fotos.
    O lugar é mesmo agradável para uma caminhada.
    Amei a última foto.
    ¸.°º✿♫ •°

  20. Cool walk and too funny ~ great minds think alike I posted photos of maiden grass too LOL

  21. You captured some real beauty while you waited.

  22. Lovely pictures and sweet thoughts. The walk is lovely for sure. Sorry you couldn't walk together but I can see that you enjoy all the moments together.
    Blessings and hugs!