Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Day Farm

We had an awesome weekend and I got a lot of things crossed off the
We spent Saturday with Chucks Family.
His Dad and Betty-Anne are visiting from Florida,
and all the siblings, four in total,
were together with all of the extended family members.
We had an amazing day and it was super fun to have everyone under one roof.
Did I hear you say something about pictures??
I did not take bad.
We spent Sunday at Happy Day Farm
with my youngest son Mike, his girl Alisa and Alisa's mom Dona.
Chuck and I in the Corn Maze
that's on the list, so that's a check!
 I love this picture of the four of us!!
Visit a Pumpkin Patch...
also on the list, so that's another check!
Go on a Hay Ride...check!!
I do not like this picture but it's the only proof I have.
Is that pain you see on my face, yes, yes it is. 
Open toed shoes are not allowed at the farm,
and at this point in the day, my feet were on fire.
We had a super fun day and dinner at The Cheesecake Factory!
I love fall...I adore everything about it!!


  1. Sounds like wonderful fun for the weekend! I love the photo of you in front of the "How tall this fall" measure. I'm sorry your feet were hurting. When your feet hurt, it seems like everything hurts.

  2. sorry, but you made me snicker about the open-toed shoes. bless you!

    you did get a lot into one weekend! and a lot off that list!

  3. It looks like so much fun. Cheesecake factory yummmmm.

  4. I see Lovely "Happy Day Farm" photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  5. The photos are wonderful and a testament to a great weekend. I am sorry about the pain in your feet!

  6. Hi Debbie... You are so funny... sorry but the shoe thing just got me, but I know how you feel!! Let those toes hang out, that's where I am at!!

    Sound like a full weekend!!
    The family shot is great!!
    Keep checking away at that list!!


  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Together with family and a visit to the Happy Day Farm. Love the two of you in the corn maze. I see you have boots on no wonder your feet were on fire.

  8. Fun always have such great fun outings with big smiles :))) even with sore feet .
    Every time someone mentions the Cheesecake Factory I now think of the Big Bang Theory ( which I must admit I love as much as cheesecake ) !

  9. I noticed the boots right away and though maybe you were feeling fine enough to for go the open toes and I was going to give you a 'yippy!''s the 'Yippy' anyway for having such a fun filled weekend despite burning feet. What a trooper you are.

  10. Fun times -- sorry about the feet, though!

  11. is that "how tall are you" sign laughing at me? ha. ha!! too cute. speaking of feet, mine are hurting now ... after working outside with the all those leaves. i am so tired. but i guess it was nice exercise. ( :

  12. What a fun weekend. I love fall too, its my favorite season. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  13. Sounds like an awesome time and Cheesecake Factory - the best!

  14. So cute! That big orange pumpkin looks like she's flirting!!

  15. Girlfriend, you know how to blow it out in a day...Looks like fun in the corn maze.....

  16. Girlfriend, you know how to blow it out in a day...Looks like fun in the corn maze.....

  17. There you go having way too much fun. I loved your bucket list. Maybe when my hubby finally retires I can create a bucket list. The photo's are fabulous as usual. It's always fun to be with family.

  18. Hi 2 Checks and a great fun day with the family Brilliant

  19. Hello Debbie!
    What a weekend you have. I agree that the autumn is fantastic.

    Happy farm ... wow :) I love all picture and pumpkins. We don't have this here at home. But right now I eat som pumpkin and that is really good also.

    I have work at lot now so the blogging is not that much but I'm still here :)

    I'm sorry but the shoes. I didn't catch why?

    Have a lovely day and take care!

  20. What you do for that bucket list!!! But you had a good time, and that is the main thing!!!

  21. Sounds have a Nice day!
    Photos looking lovely...........

  22. Beautiful photos!! love the autumn..sounds great time of the year..

  23. Between the pumpkin patch and the cheesecake factory you definitely had alota fun and yum :)

  24. Oh I love this check and check:) :) :) Hug B

  25. What a fun day! So glad you got to go enjoy the day.

  26. Looking with envy at the beautiful fall colors and all those orange pumpkins, Debbie. We also enjoy spring on outings as much as yiu and Chuck.

  27. Looks like you had a great time! Everyone is smiling! Check!!! Thanks Debbie, I love your photos!

  28. So glad you had a great time with family and crossed some things off your list! Awesome family photos!

  29. I love this farm, it's not too far from my parents house! Billy and I went to Tilly's yesterday in search of Cinderella pumpkins which we luckily found - they've been hard to come by this year, something to do with the weather. Have you seen them? They're very cool looking!