Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Abundant Garden...

Here's my post for Rural Thursday!!
Every summer I start a vegetable garden.
I really enjoy starting with seeds, it's exhilarating and so much more rewarding.
In my past experiences, the gardens I started with seeds,
early in the Spring, have been much better producers.
Sometimes my garden is quite impressive for a girl who lives in the
burbs, other times, it's shameful.
This year, I will let you guys decide.
Welcome To My Garden
No laughing allowed!
July 31, 2012, two gorgeous, healthy tomato plants sitting on our deck.
With not one single tomato.
So that's the entire garden, it's all I really need.
when the garden produces, I have to cook.
On August 20th, we looked like this,
gorgeous right?!
and we finally have some Beefsteaks!!
It took weeks for them to turn red...
and here's the entire "crop"...NINE tomatoes!!

and this,

turned in to this...yummy BLT.

My tomatoes, all 9 of them, were delicious!

So that's what's happening in my rural neck of the woods.
Sharing today with Nancy at A Rural Journal
and Lisa at Two Bears Farm for Rural Thursday!!


  1. Hi Debbie....LOL..I had one plant on the deck..beefsteak in fact, my very favorite!! I had just about the same luck as you ; }!! Was it worth keeping the darn plant watered as it was constantly dry.. NO & YES,but the BLT's where yummy!!

  2. Lucky you...I didn't even get on tomato this year.

  3. oh yummy!!! I think you did good girl!!!

  4. you made me laugh. and that works just great for your garden!

  5. oh my, the abundant garden it is! I walked silently and had a huge smile painted on this face when you said "no laughing allowed" :D and gee what beautiful delicious tomatoes you got there! now this inspired me to plant plant plant! and now I am hungry, truly looking at that last photo :-)

  6. That is 9 more tomatoes than what came from my garden. They look yummy. I prefer to grow flowers,I don't have to can or freeze them.LOL

  7. Wow, they look great! We got a few good ones before the entire patch of tomatoes got blight :-(

  8. Hey, that's nine more tomatoes than I've ever grown. total. ever! So, enjoy...and I'm voting "abundant"!!

  9. Those tomatoes look great! I'm craving a BLT now! :)

  10. Debbie, No matter the quantity, it is the quality that counts. They are absolutely beautiful!

  11. Wow, look at the size of those beefsteak tomatoes. Mine were piddling little things. I can just imagine how tasty they were and in a blt too. Yummy!!! :)

  12. Those tomatoes look so good - yummy!

  13. Hi Debbie, Hope you are feeling better. Your tomatoes are beautiful. They look so healthy.
    I was just commenting last night to my husband about starting a vegetable garden. LOL.

  14. Do you know that is the best way I like to cook tomatoes. You did a nice job and your tomatoes look so much better than my did.
    I like your garden. I think maybe next year I will opt for that kind of garden.

  15. Your garden rocks!!! And I'm willing to bet that those BLT's served with love were the best of the season!!!

  16. My tomato garden didn't do much better than yours, Debbie. The tomatoes stayed green so long, but as soon as we left for vacation well, by golly, then the little boogers decided to turn red and then were overripe when we got home, so I still didn't get many to eat!!
    The BLTs look yummy! I love bacon, but hate to fry it. :D (I don't like to cook either)

  17. Beautiful tomatoes...even if there were only 9! And BLT" of my favorites! Glad they were tasty!

  18. Yum, I love BLTs! Sometimes I just eat sliced tomatoes with cracked pepper for lunch too.

  19. I love BLT's too especially with home grown gorgeous tomatoes like those. YUM!


  20. If you have only got a few tomatoes then a BLT really is the way to go - I like mine as Blt (ie lots of bacon!)

    Nice post.

    Stewart M - Australia

  21. Debbie, I can not laugh at all. We did the same thing. But we had two cherry tomatoes growing in pots on our deck. I love tomatoes and BLT's. Great post, have a happy weekend!

  22. Easy to keep on top of the weeding! At least you harvested something. All but tom thumb tomatoes end up with fruit fly/grubs in them when I grow them here. For the most part flowers have been more rewarding over the last couple of years for me, as long as I can enjoy watching something grow.

  23. Hey, this looks like a great job and delicious to me!!!

    My daughter said it best when she was little - "My mom's not a cooker!" ;)

  24. Boy, do I miss Jersey tomatoes...
    And that BLT looks scrumptious!

  25. Hey, yours did better than mine! I got one, count 'em, one celebrity tomato this season. :)

  26. Very funny, and the BLT is the perfect way to enjoy them. We've enjoyed a few BLT's here lately too.

  27. That's my kind of garden! I bet the tomatoes made delicious BLTs

  28. Wow, you had so much better results with your tomatoes than I did. Mine started out fine, but... well, let's just say I got about two good ones.

  29. Good for you! I don't have a single tomato YET!

  30. yum, i love BLTs ... so good. i want one now ... after seeing yours. yummy good. (: