Thursday, September 6, 2012

Love Me Some Goats!!

I haven't been out and about with the camera lately.
Good thing for us me, I have thousands of pictures in the archives,
that you have yet to see!!
The hubs and I pass this goat farm all the time,
as we come and go on our adventures.
The goats here love me...
they always run to the fence as soon as we pull up.
But on July 27, 2012, this is all I got!! 
I don't think this guy ever even lifted his head or saw me.
But, I was making such a racket, trying to get some attention,
 this "big girl" finally surfaced from inside the barn. 
Isn't she too cute for words??

Now take a look a that big belly, I think someone is expecting!!

I'm not too sure what that big lump is in the front,
looks like some kind of a tumor/growth.
Or maybe they get that when they are expecting,
I have not a clue!!

We have passed the farm since this visit and I see baby goats,
I have to muster up some energy to get out in this heat,
and get some pictures.

The sun was setting as we left
and this big guy never acknowledged me.
I wonder if I am starting to loose my magical touch?

Sharing today with A Rural Journal's Rural Thursday
Clytie's Random Hearts

Because goat number 2's nose, is a perfect heart!!

So happy to be feeling better and getting back to my blog.


  1. I love your captures of the goats. Hope all is well in your corner of the world!!

  2. YAY!!!! HI!!!!! Happy heart here - though my nose is just a nose and not heart shaped at all! LOVE the light from the setting sun on the face of the one who was ignoring you. How dare he!??!

  3. That lump is odd. Wonder if it's an old injury? Cute goaties!

  4. So sweet! Even sweeter though is your return! *hugs*

  5. Glad to see you are blogging. Must be feeling better. Love the goat with the heart nose. Super cute pictures.
    TFS. Ana

  6. Beautiful goat.
    I do not know the breed.
    Great photos.

  7. Yeah you must be feeling better. I love goats they have the ability to always make you smile. That lump does not look right to me.
    Take care. Hug B

  8. Yay! We're happy you're back too! I joke that my dog looks just like a goat, but seeing the pictures makes me think she really does. How adorable.

  9. Glad you are back on your blog again Debbie. I love the cute goat pics.


  10. I love the pictures of the goats. they are so cute and actually look like they are smiling.

  11. I love goats! This makes my day. What great faces they all have.

  12. Love the wonderful goat photographs, Debbie! They brought a smile to my face ... I think all of your posts do! So glad you are back blogging again. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  13. Hi Debbie, nice to see you back.
    I'm sure you haven't lost your touch, I think he was just to intent on eating :)

  14. You're right - what a perfect little heart nose!!! I can't believe the one goat ignored you. He must have been really hungry!

    I have been having trouble getting motivated in the heat too. Sigh. I just have to remember that in not too awful long I will probably be moaning and groaning about the cold!

  15. You have some delightful photos here. Just wait a little while and the heat will leave, much more pleasant outside in the cool.

  16. Denise, I am happy to see you are well and posting. I love your cute goats. And cool sighting of the heart shaped nose. I wish you well and take care. Have a great day!

  17. Awwww, she's awfully cute. I wonder what that is too. I hope she isn't in pain with that thing. :(

  18. I think there was just an extra tasty bit of grass in that patch - too good to leave for a photo opportunity with you! That's ok, the expecting Mumma Goat took centre stage and so beautifully too.
    Cheers and hugs xx :D)

  19. Interesting looking goat! I have never seen a goat of this variety. Great photos very clear and wonderful to view! Maybe next time they will take more notice of you and they should! Great series!

  20. Awwwww Debbie, they are adorable!
    I love the one peeking out of his little house.
    Wishing you (and Chuck) a wonderful weekend!

  21. I hope you are back to your ole self soon, very cute pictures. I think you caught them so well.

  22. Hi Debbie, hope you are feeling better and glad to see you were out taking photos, but that one goat really got your goat it seems cause he would not cooperate for a photo op! Looking forward to the baby goat pics sometime.

  23. Those look like cute the color.

  24. She sure is a big girl! Cute faces.

  25. Oh yes! What an amazing heart find! :) Happy weekend.

  26. Goats always make such cute photo subjects -- love the barn capture. Too cute.

    Enjoy your weekend, dear. xo

  27. Goats always look so sweet and innocent but can also be a bit "mean" when they want to be. You've got some great shots here of these goats.