Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Gray Catbird...

I didn't have a special 4th of July entry for today,
I wasn't going to post.
I had a lazy day, I mostly took pictures of the birds in my yard.

How many pictures, you say?? I will only admit to "a lot"!!

I stayed home all day and I loved it.
I adore my home, my yard, my gardens, my pool.
I am happy wherever I am.

We had some rain this morning,

and this beautiful Catbird came to the window.
All fluffed out and looking pretty.

I sat for a few minutes, just enjoying the view,
he never flew off. 

I finally made the move and got up for the camera,

he didn't budge!!

I opened the window, I hung out and still no movement.

Well, there was posing but he never flew off,
and I think I know why.
I know someone's heart is smiling right now,

Happy Birthday Theresa this one's for you!!
You are one very special friend!!


  1. i was fine all the way through. saying 'marvelous!' 'beautiful bird!' 'such lovely eyes!' and then your last lines filled my eyes with water and i couldn't see.

    thank you, dear debbie. so terribly sweet. :)

  2. Oh Debbie...this was so sweet and you couldn't have done it for a nicer person.

  3. i don't believe i have ever seen a "catbird" ... such a cool looking bird. i will be on the look out. i really thought it was a joke. my family would say "you are such a catbird" ... so interesting. (:

  4. You just gave him enough time to dry his features a little. Great captures and wonderful that enjoy your own place so much.

  5. The catbird is lovely. I have never seen one before. Great how he posed so nicely for you.

  6. I have never seen a catbird. Great shots. Hope your Fourth was wonderful.

  7. I love 'home days' too! That's what we had today. No fireworks. no hotdogs. LD worked in the camper and I did housewife activities.

    ANY day spent watching birds is a GOOD day in my book!!

  8. Ok what? Theresa's birthday or something? Great photos Deb, I love them! She deserves a wonderful thought!

  9. As always you get such great shots. I never thought of a catbird as pretty, but you did him justice. A sharp fellow he is. Thanks for sharing and Happy 4th.

  10. Wonderful photos, Debbie! I'm glad he stuck around to pose and you enjoyed your day!

  11. We finally got some much needed rain this morning too! I love it that your happy wherever you are. We all need to take that attitude :)

  12. Debbie, awesome photos of the Catbird. So nice that he posed a long time for you. Have a great day.

  13. Debbie!
    I understand you perfectly.
    I also have time for lazing chile.
    I live in your garden, admire kwaity and plants growing in it.
    Pictures of birds are usually lovely self.
    Do you already wrote that I love your blog?
    Yes! I love.

  14. Very pretty. I am glad you sent them to her for a birthday wish. She is a wonderful person.

  15. Beautiful series of pictures, and now I think I'll go over and wish T a happy birthday too!

  16. A very sweet post! I always enjoy seeing Gray Catbirds on our property. They make the funniest squeaks, squawks and meows. Your photographs are fabulous!

  17. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the 4th. If any bird would sit still for me I would take a lot of pictures too. Great photos of the Catbird.

  18. Great pics! Amazing that he stayed put....seems it was a gift from God for someone special!

  19. I love it that the Catbird came to you and hung around tempting you to pick up the camera!
    A lovely mention of Theresa :D)