Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It Can't Be February...

can it??

The beaches in Bay Head were just gorgeous yesterday.

The sun was bright, the sky was blue
and the sand was warm on my feet.

It felt like summer!!

I loved how the ocean cascaded over the piers here,
just like a magical waterfall!!

I could have sat in this spot all day it was so beautiful!!
I think you had to be there,
to feel the mist and breath in the salted air.

 I went for a walk with my hunny,

we had fun searching for treasures!!

It was so pretty everywhere, 

even these old and worn out piers looked beautiful.

This pretty gull seemed tired,
like his wings were heavy with burden.

And this one soared!!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather!!


  1. it looks pretty darn perfect. :)

  2. That's where I want to be. The weather has been great here too.

  3. I love the beach, awesome photos!! Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  4. I love the beach, awesome photos!! Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  5. It does look wonderful. I also ilk the water cascading over the piers, an ocean waterfall.

  6. It hasn't quite felt like summer here, but the past few days have indeed been very springlike. Such strange weather, but no complaints from me. Love these full images Debbie!

  7. What a special day you had on the beach with your hubby.....While living those moments they are wonderful and then reliving them in your memory is awesome.....

    You could feel the beauty of the day in your pictures....They are wonderful.....

  8. Hi Debbie...Yours words make me feel the feeling is beautiful there...and bare feet ooooh!!
    Love the photos!!!

  9. Another wonderful day at the beach,Debbie :) Did you find any nice glass?

    I like the shots of the piers too. And, you got birds in flight!

  10. Everything is beautiful! Do I see shadows? I am all into shadows today.

  11. What a beautiful day! I am glad you are having a taste of summer in February. I love the blue sky and the waves. It makes me long for the beach.
    It is so nice you get to go there. I bet the air smelled wonderful.

  12. Lovely shots. It is hard to believe that it is February.Our temperatures are unusually mild.

  13. Gorgeous day! I can almost smell the salt in the air.


  14. I have 2 favorites. The pier with the water and the one of you and hubby. Super nice.

  15. Fantastic vieuws of the beach. I wish temperatures are the same overhere. Icy could and deep frost is what we getting here. A week ago I had springfeelings and in a few days winter came in.
    Have a nice day

  16. Nice. The weather, the place, the photos... Great you can enjoy the beach in the winter!

  17. Hi Debbie! If February is anything like January, I will be a happy camper. I love your beach shots and the gulls. Does look like a summer day. Have a great day.

  18. Awesome shots, it does look like Summer!
    Did you find some treasures?
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day :O)

  19. So beautiful!! It almost hit 60 here yesterday. We used to disobey all rules and walk out on those jetties when we were kids. oops! Thankfully all the cousins survived that nonsense ~ looking at them now, I can't imagine!

  20. This was delightful! I could almost feel the sand between my toes...

  21. I love the captures of the waves, Debbie! I could watch that for hours, I think. :)

  22. It's been unseasonable warm here too, but your scenery is much more calming. ahhhh.....

  23. -happy sigh- How lucky you are!

    -chuckle- I've said this about 50 times already, hu? ,-)

    Some day you will be old enough
    to start reading fairy tales again."

    ~ CS Lewis~

  24. PS -- you do too fit in -- your photos of birds or squirrels or crashing waves are "rural" in my opinion. You can't get off that easy! :)

  25. Oh Debbie, how perfect is that all! Beautiful photos, I would frame them and put them on your walls. So beautiful. Wish I was there!

  26. oh, those are such beautiful shots! Thank you so much for, how I'd love to be along the beach now...right now...