Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Everyone Loves Peanuts...

And when I say everyone...

I mean this guy!!

As I set out my quality, shelled peanuts on the deck rail,
preparing to take pictures for World Bird Wednesday

I could feel someone was watching me!!

I thought he was sticking his tongue out, but it's a peanut!!
Cool shot, right!!

He stood guard over his peanuts
and gave those Blue Jays a run for their money!!

While pausing for a nice, long, refreshing drink,

this Blue Jay was able to quickly take advantage and fill er' up!!

Hugs, Debbie


  1. Great shots of the little thiefs!

  2. So cute and so funny. It does look like he's sticking his tongue out at you! Great shots girlfriend!

  3. Cudowna wiewiórka i wspaniałe zdjęcia. Ptaszek sprytny i śliczny.Pozdrawiam. ***Wonderful squirrel and great pictures. Clever and beautiful bird. Yours.

  4. i prefer birds over squirrels ... they are cute from afar ...but they kind of scare me. to be honest. they look like they are coming up with a wild plan with their friends & are wondering what to do with you? sneaky little creatures. but in these pics to cute they are. (:

  5. Must be lovely to be visited by they cute animals.
    Have a nice evening

  6. Great shots!
    He's so cute.
    Love to see the Blue Jay, but this time the squirrel is my favorite.
    Have a great day.

  7. You do realize you are solely responsible for all the rotund squirrels and birds in you area. Have you set up a little gym for them? Maybe squirrel aerobics? All kidding aside, the pictures are wonderful. Hugs! Bonnie

  8. I'll bet that squirrel cleaned up the peanuts quickly.

  9. Who cares about birds when you have peanut lover!!! Lucky you, I wasn't there close, I love peanuts myself! :))

  10. He certainly seems to be watching your every stop but obviously his desire for the peanuts was greater than his fear of you....These are wonderful shots...so clear...

    You know they are kinda cute if they weren't so aggravating. I guess just like in the bird world, we have our aggravators as well.....

    You must buy peanuts by the truck load to feed all your critters....

  11. They do love peanuts...and birdseed :) They are amazingly resourceful.

    I had the whole brigade out back terrorizing my feeders this afternoon.

  12. Oh what fun you had with your camera today. Great shots.

  13. Great shots. He looks really cute. I just wanted you to know I mailed out lots of your lovely note cards today.
    They are so nice and I loved each one so much it was hard to mail.
    I wanted to keep them but they are so nice they make winter seem far away. They were such nice paper my handwriting looked nice.
    Thanks again, every single one I thought of you. Thanks Debbie,

  14. I get so irritated at the squirrels. I'll try to think nicer thoughts about them, really I will...

  15. Oh gosh, these pics are so cute. I thought he had his tongue sticking out too!

  16. What great pictures...love that you got the blue jay too!!

  17. Cute shots of the squirrels. Between the squirrels and the Jays the peanuts do not last long. Great captures!

  18. Love these photographs, Debbie! That little peanut loving squirrel really does look like it is sticking its tongue out. At least the handsome Blue Jay was able to get quite a mouthful. Fun post!

  19. Wow, those were awesome pictures. I loved it all. You are very talented at photography. Magazine worthy!