Sunday, December 12, 2010

Adventures in Who-ville

The adventure continues on December 7th, the day after our fun filled and very cold day on the Potomac. We started the morning with a lovely buffet breakfast. I am not a "buffet, all you can eat" kinda girl. I am more about quality then quantity but this was the only option for breakfast and it was included with our "package" so the buffet it was. I was more excited when I saw the stately man behind the buffet making omelets and NO line, so the buffet started looking a weeee bit better. The omelet was pretty darn good as was the entire breakfast, so my belly was happy, therefore "we" were happy. After breakfast we wondered the streets around the resort, took a few more pictures (like we really needed more, and again...freezing outside) but it was really difficult to dampen my spirit as we were off to Who-ville!! literally!! We had tickets for noon and tried to go early, 11:30, I was pretty excited BUT once again ran into a stately man who was not having any part of that..."we don't open till noon" he said without smiling" will have to come back". Really I thought, it's 11:30, is that not close enough??...apparently not, so back outside we went (again freezing) for more pictures. It was finally noon and time for Who-ville...hold on to your hats as this. was. amazing. Time for the pictures...

Chuck and I with the Grinch...

It is 9 degrees inside so they give you those lovely blue parkers so you don't freeze. I was so excited, I never buttoned my jacket, put on my gloves or my earmuffs...I felt like a kid again!!!! This was so fun, 2 million pounds of ice sculpted into 10 colorful, walk through scenes straight out of the pages of Dr. Seuss.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

North of Who-ville

The Grinch's Frozen Lair

The Grinch creating his Ramshackle Sleigh, reindeer and all!!

Mount Crimpit

Me sliding into Who-ville

Chuck sliding into Who-ville

Christmas Eve in Who-ville

The Grinch stealing Christmas from the Who-houses

Christmas morning in Who-ville

Christmas morning in Who-ville

Christmas morning in Who-ville, the turkey's still frozen


Merry Christmas!!

amazing "peeps tree"...made entirely of Christmas Peeps!!

Now that's a lot of pictures!!

The end...for now!!


  1. wow!! who-ville looks awesome!! now i wanna go!!! haha it did however look a tad chilly in there, but i bet it's worth it!!

  2. best trip ever!!!! they said it was 9 degrees but honestly it did not feel cold. did you see me sliding into who-ville??? 2 times...i wish you were ther!!!!

  3. That looks amazing! Awesome post thanks for sharing!