Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday Critters ~ 95 ~

I was so surprised to run into this big guy...
The Great Blue Herons are still hanging around the at the 
Jersey Shore.


October 2nd...we were waiting for the arrival of a Nor'easter 
and we were also anticipating the arrival of Joaquin.
We always prepare for a storm with a ride in the car,
and by stocking up on sweet treats at the bakery.
You know, just in case we can't get out.
That never happens but the thought of it excites me.

It was windy and cold, the water was choppy,
you could feel the storm coming.
This poor girl could not keep her skirt down...
and her ride was a bit rocky.

We got the Nor'easter but Joaquin was a no show.
That was a really good thing as the Nor'easter caused enough problems
for both of them.

Bye, Bye Joaquin, you were not missed!!

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  1. those waves sure where coming in! neat shots!

  2. Hi Debbie, love the pretty heron and the cute duck. Her feathers do look tossled. I am so glad Joaquin was a NO Show! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Great pictures. We have a heron that loves to fish here.

  4. That thought excites me as well, and I start to imagine.

  5. You can really feel the wind.


  6. I am glad the hurricane missed you Debbie. Your heron and duck photos are great.

  7. Ahh, one of my favorites! Great shots! I like the rough water!

  8. A handsome bird! I hope the storm didn't cause too much damage.

  9. The heron is doing well to withstand the winds whipping about it! Lovely your photos!

  10. nice shots.

    I went out to get some shots this morning and got rained out. I waited. Storms last about 15 minutes in Fl. But 30 minutes later it seemed to be getting worse. Of course the sun came out the minute I pulled under the car port at home.

  11. Great photos, Debbie. Glad you missed Joaquin, we did also. YAY!!

  12. We are down on the ranch and the big tank has so little water in it! Hard to believe after all that flooding last spring! There are about half a dozen ducks out there and I'm going down every morning to feed them. Believe you me - they come flying down to where I stand on the dock as soon as I call. They MUST be hungry!!

  13. Pretty!!! I got a chuckle out of 'keeping her skirt down'. lol

  14. Definitely glad the Hurricane was a miss
    Those are some pretty critters ;)

  15. Hello! I just happened upon you blog. Your blog is very lovely!! I enjoyed the picture of the Great Blue Herons. We have them over here too! I'm glad you didn't see Joaquin. You are so cute while talking about the lady duck and her skirt was being blown up haha. I like how you think. God bless


  16. Nice shots! We were glad to not see the hurricane. Had a lot of rain though.

  17. Just amazing photos on this one. Very happy that you didn't have a hurricane. You two are brave and I am happy you had some goodies with you just in case.
    Loved this one; hugs!

  18. Yes my Mom (in coastal Va) said the nor'easter gave them the most problems last week too. Nice capture of the Great Blue! Glad he was still hanging around.

  19. That was some choppy water, I wonder how cold it is now... glad you were not hit with it like South Carolina, that was just awful, I felt so bad for them all.