Monday, October 27, 2014

Gallery Walls...

We built our home in the early 80's and at that time,
I decorated the walls with pictures and art.
And somehow, 30 years have passed and I had not noticed
how outdated that crap, art looks.
I never bought any new "art" because all of my walls were full,
"I have no room on the walls", or so I thought.
I did not take "before" pictures and trust me when I say,
you are lucky I didn't.
Little by little, I am taking down the old stuff,
hiding it in my trash can so no one can see it,
and those walls are getting a face lift.

 This wall is in our upstairs loft area,
and is the second wall to get a complete overhaul.

 The theme here is...
Our Life at the Jersey Shore.

 Most of the pictures here are photographs I have taken.
The one on the left, all "sunned out" is of the hubs riding his dolphin.
Under that is a postcard of the shoreline, that I have always loved.

  This is also new to the upstairs den,
on a smaller wall, around the corner from the Jersey Wall,
that leads in to our bedroom.

 This painting is in the downstairs family room
and is kinda' new.
This view looks exactly like the bike path where we ride.
I purchased this from a catalog,
it came unframed, and I am super happy with the frame I picked for it.

 I have shown this wall before.
It is part of the staircase leading to the second floor of the house.
Birds, butterflies, blooms, and a few of the hubs and I.
This is the wall I started with.

 Mike and Alisa bought this door knob for me.
I fell in love with it when I was in North Carolina.
It now hangs close to the above wall grouping,
and it holds the first scarf I knitted.

I'm not sure what's up next.
I don't have a lot of walls downstairs...
we live on a river and the back of the house is
primarily windows.

I enjoy these projects and I love sharing them
with you guys!

Many thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love your wall art Debbie, you have arranged everything so beautifully and how lovely to put your first knitted scarf on display. So neat!

  2. I Love that you share this with us too> Love the scarf on the cool door knob. Hug B

  3. Fun getting a glimpse of your personal world :)

  4. Great decor idea!

  5. I think it looks wonderful. I like how you have so much of what you love every where you look.
    I just love this and I love your scarf on that wonderful door knob.

  6. 'flip flop 'til you drop' - priceless and perfect for you. :)

    i like your groupings of photos. and cute door knob/scarf holder!

  7. You have a wonderful talent for not only photography but for decorating as well. I love what you've done!


  8. Oh, and I LOVE the door knob and beautiful scarf! :)

  9. Love your displayed framed art. You could make an entire house gallery with your gorgeous photos! I combine art, photos, and other 'stuff' on my walls. I was told by a realtor NOT to display family photos. I won't be having HIM to sell our house!

  10. I really like how you did your walls, Debbie! It's all so personal, and very charming!

  11. I love seeing your decorating! There is a lot of meaning behind it. I think it's good to surround yourself with things you love. "Out Forevers Go Together"--wow, I like that.

    Larry lived in our house alone for 4 years before we got married. So he put up what he had. 11 years later, it's much the same. I'd like to redo some of it to make it more reflective of us.

  12. It is great that you are able to change the look of your walls!!You are a different person now than you were 30 years ago, and your walls should reflect that!!
    I love seeing the new ideas you are expressing, too!!

  13. Your wall sure look preety with the frames and your wonderful pictures Debbie!Love the door knob and your preety handmade scarf!

  14. Hello dear, such a cool idea to have theme walls. Under the weather, so short comment.

  15. Oh Debbie, I also have great difficulty in disposing of family memorabilia.
    I like your apartment.

  16. I've found a lot folks doing this - I enjoy the different shapes & sizes, luv the doorknob / such character. ( :

  17. Your wall art's a great idea to keep track of memories. The older they stay on the walls, the more meaningful they become. It also a fun way to entertain guestsm telling them stories tagged in every picture. I like your creativity :)

  18. Hi Debbie, back again. Thanks for visiting my recipe. I put a short paragraph towards the end about those potatoes. I waffled on a bit :) Looking forward to that chicken dish of yours. Thanks for letting me know.

  19. Debbie, I love your art work and wall decorations.. It looks like fun displays.. Your photos are lovely too. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your week!

  20. You've done a really nice job! Funny how we don't think to actually take something down to make room. When you first built your house did you have any shag carpet? When I grew up in the 80's our house had some ugly green shag in the living room. :-)

  21. I just love it. Aren't those frames that hold different size frames the neatest thing?

  22. This looks amazing! Art completely makes a room through infusing individual style - love all your photographs (as always!).

  23. You are doing a magnificent job on re-decorating your walls. I need to do this myself. I love that you are using your photos and pictures of your hubby.
    I love the theme of Our Forevers Go Together. I also think the quote of "Life Is Like Riding A Bike". This is true. I like the different sizes of frames and different kinds of frames. Maybe you should have been a decorator.
    Love it all; blessings for sharing it all.