Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snail Mail & Winning a Give-A-Way!!

Don't you just love snail mail?
I love sending it and of course, I adore receiving it! 
Cards, notes, small packages...with actual handwriting on them,
be still my heart...
I recently won a give-a-way at
Here's a peak at what Kim sent me...

 Orange Mint Soap, Spring Blossom Body Butter,
Citrus Lip Balm and Rose Lotion Bar
Heaven in a box for my dry, winter skin.
When I opened the package, it smelled like Spring in a box.
I will not be sharing it with Junior the squirrel.

This was in the box as well.
Thank you Kim, you have a heart as big as your farm.
Thank you for sharing it with me.
I hope you'll visit with Kim At My Field of Dreams
She lives on a farm, takes amazing pictures
and shares the best stories.
As for the products she sent, they are amazing.
I was determined to pick a favorite item, so it would be the body butter,
but everything is just wonderful.
I used the Body Butter on my hands yesterday,
I washed them at least 5 times during the day,
they were still fully moisturized and they smell so sweet!!
And for those who might be interested,
the products can be found and ordered at Bumble Wood Handmade.
Follow the link and check it out...great stuff!!
Thanks Kim, your the best!!

Last week, I also received this via snail mail...

A hand made winter cap to keep me toasty warm
during this frigid Jersey winter!
What a wonderful surprise!

Look at all those beautiful colors, hugging all that pretty purple.

This gorgeous hat was hand made just for me by
Buttons at Buttons Thoughts

Buttons also lives and works hard on a farm.
She tells amazing stories and shares beautiful pictures.
Please visit Buttons, she has become a dear friend as well.

Thanks Buttons, I will treasure this always!! 


  1. buttons and body butter. :)

    congrats on both gifts from such sweet-hearted ladies. love 'em. :)

  2. Both Kim and Buttons are very special ladies. The gifts they sent you are wonderful!! Enjoy!!

  3. Wonderful gifts! I'm very impressed. You deserve them.

    Hugs, Rose

  4. Wow - those are pretty nice gifts!

  5. The gifts from Kim look wonderful! And the hat from Buttons is just too cute. Congrats on your lovely gifts!

  6. Oh great gifts! Love the hat from B!

  7. Beautiful and thoughtful gifts, and of course, well-deserved! Enjoy them!

  8. wow, how sweet. Button (was it Kim sent the other goodies?? my memory is not working with me today??!) is super kind ... i bet the cows on her farm are jealous of your new hat. ha. ha!!

    have fun enjoying all the new goodies. ( :

  9. I love, love that hat. So very pretty and I bet it keeps you warm.
    Very nice post Debbie, thank you.

  10. snail mail is the best ... and what fun gifts you received

  11. Oh I can imagine you look and smell just delicious:) You do deserve everything that comes your way my friend.Thank you. HUGS B

  12. Oh I can imagine you look and smell just delicious:) You do deserve everything that comes your way my friend.Thank you. HUGS B

  13. Congrats for your gifts Debbie!! Wonderful gifts! You really deserve them!!!Enjoy them!!Wish you a lovely evening!

  14. Ah Bumblewood! Meg is so lovely.
    And I have been wondering who was going to get all those hats Ms. Buttons has been so diligently working on. Gifts of love are the best.

  15. Enjoy your precious gifts Debbie.
    a kiss.

  16. Debbie, you have sweet friends. Congrats on winning the giveaway. The body butter sounds nice.. Enjoy!

    Have a great evening!

  17. A lovely give away from a lovely person...I love Kim! So glad you won the wonderful products. I won some lip balm a while back from "Miss Bumblewood" herself...it's great, too!

  18. I adore snail mail! I had stamps made of family photos!
    Lovely gifts.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  19. That looks like a wonderful gift set! I am off to check out her blog!

  20. Ohhh what wonderful things for a wonderful person!!

  21. Congratulations on your gifts -- well deserved and from two sweet farm ladies. xo

  22. Beautiful gifts! Buttons has been knitting up a storm - I'm so happy to see one of her hats go to a sweet lady (it seems her cows have been fighting over wearing them)!

  23. Oh, how wonderful. I fell in love with that soap - just from your picture! I will definitely pay a visit to your two friends' blogs; I'm not familiar with either of them. Love the hat - you should share a picture of you wearing it!

  24. I love snail mail, too! What fun gifts you've gotten. Enjoy!

  25. Awesome mail. Yes, Snail-Mail is always a treat. It sounds like you are really enjoying the soap and that hat is cute. Do share a photo wearing it.

  26. You certainly received some great gifts. I could use the butter cream for my hands in this cold weather.
    The hat is adorable. I hope you will take a picture of yourself in that cute hat.
    Also, thanks for the links to the other blogs; I will check them out.
    Blessings to you dear friend.