Thursday, June 20, 2013

Delicious Orchards

We've been here before, let's go again.
This is one amazing Farmers Market and so much more!!

in Colts Neck, New Jersey

As you come in the front door, Cookies, Donuts and Danish


Fresh Breads and Cheese in the back drop

Bread $ 3.25 per loaf, what a deal


The hubs, sampling the Cider


Jersey Tomatoes

Pretty Vine Ripe Tomatoes

Mounds of pretty Green Beans

I love this place and Wednesday must be a good day to go,
we had the place to ourselves!

Pretty, Jersey fresh Asparagus


A large selection of Dried Fruits,

and lot's of homemade candy!!

And as you head to the checkout,
this cute little wagon is filled with ice cold soft drinks,
just in case you've worked up a thirst!

They have an outdoor eatery, where the hubs and I sat outside
and enjoyed a hamburger and french fries.
Can you believe I forgot to take a picture??

I love to sit outside and eat and yesterday the temperatures
were just perfect for it!!
I think it was the best hamburger I have ever eaten!!


  1. Debbie, you delight my senses and bring back happy memories of one of my favorite places ~:)

  2. Wow! I don't know how one could ever get out of there. So many wonderful goodies!

  3. I was hungry before I started looking at the pictures and now I am even more hungry. All that food looks wonderful.

  4. PIES! you'd never get me out of PIES!!! :)

  5. Isn't it great when the stores are not crowded? I know what you mean about the rain - I have decided to go for webs between my fingers and toes, rather than an ark. Love the horses!!! Do you take treats for them?

  6. I like what you see when you enter,yummy desserts! Everything looks delicious, I would love some fresh asparagus!

  7. What a beautiful place!!! We have a market or two like that near us, but it's never quite so empty! For some reason, out of all the shots, the peach shot is my favorite...the color and light are so inviting!

  8. what a great place. i could & would see myself there checking out things. wow, so cool!! i love how they stack up things - how do they not fall down? ( :

  9. Wow those bakery goods sure look good! So do the fruits and veggies for that matter.

  10. Oh what a great place and they certainly carry enough stock. Spoiled for choice!!! I don't think I'd know where to go first. :)

  11. What a heavenly place! I'd be there every week! I could just sit and breathe deeply next to those peaches! :-) And boy, do I wish I had some veggies, but not yet! I want a ripe tomato sandwich! :-)

  12. Hi Debbie Lovely colours in the fruits. Great variety of everything. Makes me hungry. Great shots.


  13. What a grand place that is! Thanks for taking us along with you! Mmmm....hamburger and fries!

  14. Wow - everything looks so good, now where to start...

  15. Man oh man, if I were there, I probably would have spent the entire pension check!!! Thanks for sharing that wonderful farmer's market.

  16. I'd be moving from display to display, trying to figure out what to buy--great place! Those peaches look so fresh. And the display of peppers was so colorful. And any place with lots of bread and cheese is a good place. :-)

  17. Oh my ... I'm hungry...all those I know you would go for the pies!!:))))

  18. Now I'm really homesick! I can remember me and Anna used to take the kids there every fall, to buy pies, apples, cider and pumpkins! Mmmm!

  19. I could live in a place like this! Wow so many varieties to choose from! I would eat my way though! Great shot and now I am hungry! HeHe great post!

  20. I love that there is a new yarn store down the street from DO. Now the kids are begging to go back to the yarn store so they can go to DO to get fruit and candy! I love it!

  21. Oh, all that good food and so nicely displayed. I'd be going there too! And buying a LOT!

  22. This looks like a wonderful place. Your photos make it look very inviting!

    Wishing you a happy day,
    An English Girl Rambles

  23. What a wonderful and colorful variety of foods.

  24. Oh now this is the place I need to come to I would have a full cart after seeing all the variety. Your photos are incredible. Off to part 2 again:) Hug B

  25. A great place - wonderful colours and smells. That hamburger sounded beaut too :D)

  26. One of my favorite places to shop - love their apple cider doughnuts!