Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Greetings From the Jersey Shore...

Don't you just love that postcard greeting??
Greetings from the Jersey Shore...
It evokes every wonderful, sea shore memory I have.
I miss the beach!
I miss our walks along the surf,
the waves crashing and the smell of sea salt.
I miss my endless searches for shells and sea glass.
We hit the beach and it felt great!
The beaches at Pier Village in Long Branch did not suffer as much
damage from Super Storm Sandy as the surrounding areas.
There are three ocean front restaurants that suffered no damage at all.

Lot's of sun, abundant blue skies and almost 60 degrees!
I love it here, I really love it here!

We remembered the camera, we forgot the tri-pod.

There's no one on earth I'd rather be here with.

Talk about perspective.
The boardwalk is gone, only sand remains,
but the ocean and beaches are just as powerful and as beautiful as ever!

A wonderful walk, along my beloved beaches...
yummy dinner and a nice, peacful ride home...

With a pocket full of this...

and this!!
Can anyone say happy??
Just what I need, more sea glass and shells.
I just can't help myself!


  1. DEBBIE!
    Looking at your pictures I always say: You are happy.
    Shells are beautiful.
    I send greetings.

  2. Lucky,lucky girl! I want to visit the beach! Love your boardwalk photo!

  3. All that in one trip to the beach!! I am so jealous!! You even found a sand dollar!

  4. Beautiful shots! Love the one of the remains of the boardwalk. Great composition even though it's sad it's gone. Makes for a cool shot now. I bet it's cold up there today.

  5. I know how you feel about the ocean; joy and more glad you had a fun day with your sweetie

  6. What a great day out! I love the beach, even in winter.

  7. It's beautiful there! And much warmer than it is here. Glad to see you got out and enjoyed yourselves!

  8. Oh WOW...that "perspective" shot is so powerful!

  9. the sea shells...and WOW are those BOOTS on your feet:)

  10. So happy you got to visit the beach. Great photos and I'm jealous of the shells and sea glass you found.:)

  11. There is nothing better for you than a walk along the beach - that's what I say anyway. It does look beautiful there (and a tad chilly). Enjoy!!! :)

  12. i love to see (and feel) you happy. i really like the shot of your shadow taking a photo of chuck and his shadow. :)


  13. ¸.•°♡♡
    Belíssimas fotos.
    Bonitas lembranças.
    Boa quarta-feira!

  14. Hi Debbie...I guess the lesson from Sandy was that nothing is day at a time, but wonderful new memories can be made and the old never forgotten !!
    You both look so happy, and I know you are with your bounty you
    found ; )!!
    I bet it would be some cold there today brrrrr!!
    6 below here this morning eeeks!!
    Grace ♥

  15. Hello Debbie,
    Wonderful shots of the beach!! Funny to make the date in the sand.
    Nice to see you've so much special shells.

    Many greetings,

  16. The beach shots are beautiful and I will say again that you two are the cutest couple.

  17. Happiness is contagious. You've just spread a whole lot!

  18. Lovely to see you back at the beach Debbie. Wonderful shots too.
    Sad knowing how that area was hit, but truly great to see that all is calm again.
    Good to get a refreshing dose of sea air isn't it, can see it in both your faces :D)
    Beaut to see you're adding to your shell collection as well. I too am an avid beach findings relocator... picked up some Pelican feathers yesterday - just had to bring them home ;D)

  19. Beautiful! We don't find shells like that on our Georgia coast!

  20. What a beautiful day you had! I love your photos as always. The shot of what remains of the boardwalk is just the neatest! You did good on finding some shells and sea glass, too. Good job!

  21. Beautiful.Now maybe if I imagine hard enough I can be on the beach instead of here where it is so cold.

  22. I love that you got to take a walk on the beach. It looks beautiful!! We're at a toasty 11 degrees here in MA. Not exactly beach weather.

  23. Looks wonderful. Can you say jealous?

  24. Plaża, szum fal, kamyczki, muszelki to razem cudowny spacer. Pozdrawiam.
    Beach, waves, pebbles, shells are all wonderful walk. Yours.

  25. Debbie, I love your beach shots. If I had a choice I would be at the beach on any day. Wonderful collection of shells and seaglass. We are super cold lately, the wind chill feels like we are in the Arctic. I can not wait for spring. Have a happy day!

  26. Beautiful photos! I feel happy just knowing you're so happy!

  27. your posts always make me smile!! love ya!!

    the hubby & i have been wondering about the shore where we traveled & enjoy it so ... Cape May, Wildwood, Boardwalk, Lucy the Elephant, collected the Cape May Diamonds, Victorian searching, i could go & on. we hope it is still there for us to visit again one day soon.

    i love your purple scarf. great finds. they are beautiful. nice!! ( :

  28. I always look forward to your posts. You always make me smile! Bonnie

  29. "Happy" This post made me happy!

  30. Your love of this area and love for your hubby shine through loud and clear! Wonderful series of photos made me happy too!

  31. As a NJ native I can understand your love for the beach areas there. We used to spend a lot of time at Island Beach State Park where Grenville worked as a naturalist. W do miss some things about our home state and sad for its losses during Sandy. And yes you can never have too much sea glass or shells.

  32. How wonderful that you got to spend time on the beach. You both look so happy. That shot of the boardwalk was interesting and those shells...well I can see why you took them home, so pretty. Love that little sanddollar.